Conference Talks Uploaded, Stream is Live

27. May 2017 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

This year’s openSUSE Conference has so far been a blast and the talks  from Day 1 of the conference have already been uploaded to the openSUSETV YouTube channel.

For the people who couldn’t make it to this year’s conference, they can watch the live stream of the conference at // There are two rooms (Galerie and Saal) being live streamed and recorded.

> > [@thatch45]( is explaining at [@openSUSE]( [#oSC17]( how everything is changing with modern security threats and serverless computing environments []( > > — Antonio Larrosa (@antlarr) [May 27, 2017](

Starting out the conference, Matthias Kirschner, President of Free Software Foundation Europe, delivered a terrific keynote and gave several thought provoking questions about who will be the torchbearer for open-source software and questioned whether it is necessary to have a torchbearer since there are so many examples of success of open-source software.

Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of SaltStack, Thomas Hatch, gave a great keynote today and yesterday gave a talk about “My Move to SUSE.”

Thorsten Kukuk introduced openSUSE Kubic as a project under the openSUSE Project and Leap release manager Ludwig Nussel touched on the status of Leap; past, present and future.

> > Hello from [@openSUSEConf]( in [#Nurnberg]( [#oSC17]( [@openSUSE]( []( > > — Petr Hodač (@PetrHodac) [May 26, 2017](

Another great talk recommended for system administrators and developers from the  open-source community is Wolfgang Engel’s talk about SUSE Package Hub and how SUSE is bringing community packages to enterprise users.

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