Tumbleweed Gets Python Setuptools 40.0, New Versions of Frameworks, Applications

26. Jul 2018 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Several packages were updated in openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots this week and developers will notice the snapshots are reported to be extremely stable.

Wireshark, sysdig, GNOME’s evolution, KDE’s Frameworks and Applications, Ceph, vim and python-setuptools were just a few of the many packages that arrived in Tumbleweed this week.

Wireshark 2.6.2 received several Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) updates in snapshot 20180723, which included a HTTP2 dissector crash. The sysdig tool for deep system visibility with native support for containers had a minor update to 0.22.0 and added support for addional custom container types alongside Docker. Configurable text editor vim was updated to version 8.1.0200 and poppler 0.66.0 fixed compilations with some strict compilers when rendering PDFs. Google’s RE2 package, which is fast, safe, thread-friendly alternative to backtracking regular expression engines like those used in PCRE, Perl, and Python, simplified the spec file and fixed a Deterministic Finite Automaton (DFA) out of memory error. Cups-filters 1.20.4 made some ipp and ipps changes and also removed support for hardware-implemented reversing of page order in PostScript printers for some rare printers.

Snapshot 20180722 brought a new feature for bubblewrap 0.3.0 that bwrap now supports being invoked recursively when user namespaces are enabled, and the outer container manager allows it. Both xf86-input-mouse 1.9.3 and xf86-video-r128 6.11.0 packages fixed compatibility with and builds against xorg-server 1.20 respectively, which was also updated in snapshot; the new xorg-server 1.20 provides quite a few new features including input grab and tablet support in Xwayland as well as updating to RANDR 1.6 for enabling leasing RANDR resources to a client for its exclusive use. Both libva and libva-gl had a version bump to 2.2.0, which added support for High Efficiency Video Coding range extension decoding.

KDE Frameworks 5.48.0 arrived in snapshot 20180721. The KDE updates added several new features including introducing an ActionToolbar in Kirigami for mobile developers and implementing support for the voice and call interfaces with the ModemManagerQt package. The BluezQt package in frameworks also updates D-Bus xml files to use “Out*” for signal type Qt annotations. Other packages in the snapshot that were not KDE related were efivar, which moved back from version 36 to 35, python-cryptography 2.3, python-pycurl and the cross-platform desktop calculator qalculate 2.6.1.

Beginning the week, several project packages were updated in the snapshot 20180719. KDE Applications 18.04.3 had about 20 recorded bug fixes with improvements to Kontact, Ark, Cantor, Dolphin, Gwenview, and more. Mozilla Thunderbird 52.9.1 changed a prompt to compact IMAP folders and fixed a few issues like the deleting or detaching attachments corrupted messages under certain circumstance, which was only found in the 52.9.0 version.

The ceph update in the snapshot increased the memory constraint for build workers after builds started failing on workers with exactly 8G of RAM. The 3D graphic library Mesa was updated to the latest 18.1.4 version. GNOME’s personal information management application evolution updated links to GNOME git repositories in flatpak files with version 3.28.4. Another GNOME package that is framework focused on making media discovery and browsing easy for application developers, grilo 0.3.5, updated translations. OpenPGP encryption and signing tool gpg2 2.2.9 fixed the recursive resolver mode and other bugs in the libdns code. Digital painting tool Krita 4.1.1 fixed the activation of the autosave and a possible crashes with vector objects. Many more packages were updated in the snapshot. A major version of python-setuptools 40.0.0 was released in the snapshot; the new version dropped support for Python 3.3 and Fix PEP 518 configuration: set build requirements in pyproject.toml to [“wheel”].

The Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer rated snapshot 20180719 at stable with a 95 grade. Snapshot 20180721 is trending at a 97 while snapshot 20180722 is at 88 and snapshot 20180723 is trending at 93 with no current issues.

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