Moving to the new News

27. Feb 2020 | Stasiek Michalski | No License

Moving to the new News

In an effort to make contributing to openSUSE easier, openSUSE News has moved from being a Wordpress application to a Jekyll static site developed directly on Github. Now you too can write an article, or a series of articles, by sending pull requests to the openSUSE/news-o-o repository.

How to do it

The repository contains _posts directory, that’s where you will upload your own markdown formatted post, following the structure of other posts in the folder. Additionally, you can upload your images to assets/images directory, and reference them from the post.

After you pull request a post like that, the marketing team will review and, if needed, suggest improvements. A successfully reviewed post will be merged into the repository and published at the date specified by the post itself.

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