Join our team and help us improve the openSUSE learning experience!

12. Oct 2020 | Adrien G | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Join our team and help us improve the openSUSE learning experience!

For years openSUSE has meant more than one distribution. With the recent addition of Kubic and MicroOS to the Leap & Tumbleweed family, different package sets, release models and workflows can be difficult to keep tabs on. openSUSE’s ecosystem is in full blossom, but even jungles sometimes need a clearing.

This is why a group of volunteers has taken up the task of improving the learning experience for all users – regardless of their experience and expertise. For new users, we want to make sure they can identify what best fits their needs, get the right tools and seamlessly take over from the post-installation screen. For experienced users, we want to provide them with detailed documentation that is easy to update, so that their experience and expertise can benefit others.

We believe that from engineers to end-users, everyone deserves to have confidence not only in their OS, but in the way they’re using it. A chain of trust like this is made of a user-friendly documentation where technical details are balanced with evidence-based good practices.

It is with this goal in sight that we are calling the community for more volunteers. We are already set on course but the journey will be quicker – and funnier – with you. Any help is welcome, especially for:

  • writing, editing and peer-reviewing: We would be delighted to benefit from more knowledgeable people to help us refresh, deepen and harmonize openSUSE’s wikis and other documentation platforms

  • video editing: Our video staff is looking for people interested in producing video contents and / or willing to script and record video tutorials in English

  • testing: We need more people to help us test out already known work-flows and settings on new hardware, see if what used to be recommended still should be.

So now you can’t say you didn’t know. Do reach out and come with us shape the future of the openSUSE learning experience! You can find us on the following platforms:

Last but not least: this is part of a collective effort so we are happy to relay to you that – the future entry-point to the openSUSE web platforms – is also looking for volunteers. Their goal is to deploy by November and they are still looking for committers to the repo at GitHub as well as translators. Translation tasks can be picked up at Everyone interested is welcome to get in touch with Stasiek Michalski for details.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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