Two Tumbleweed Snapshots update PostgreSQL, Mesa

20. Nov 2020 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Two Tumbleweed Snapshots update PostgreSQL, Mesa

Two openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots were released so far this week.

Snapshot 20201117 provides the latest update of packages for the rolling release. Among the packages to update was Mozilla Thunderbird to version 78.4.3; the email client updated a Rust patch and brought in a new feature from a previous minor version that prompts for an address to be used when starting an email from an address book entry with multiple addresses. KDE’s Plasma 5.20.3 stopped the loading of multiple versions of the same plugin in the task manager KSysGuard and there were many other bug fixes for Plasma users. Four months of shell scripts were updated in the hxtools 20201116 version; one of the changes to gpsh changed the tmp location to /var/tmp, which was to avoid saving potentially large files to tmpfs. The Linux Kernel made a jump from 5.9.1 to 5.9.8, which had a change for Btrfs as well as several USB changes. Database package postgresql 13 had its first point release to 13.1, which took care of three Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures and fixed a time test case so it works when the USA is not observing daylight-savings time. The graphical tool for administering virtual machines, virt-manager slimmed down the filesystem device editor User Interface. Text editor vim had a fix for when a crash happens when using a popup window with “latin1” encoding and python 3.8.6 took care of CVE-2019-20916.

An update of the 3D Graphics and drivers package Mesa 20.2.2 was updated in snapshot 20201114. This new version of mesa was primarily a bug fix release and implemented the Vulkan 1.2 Application Programming Interfaces and OpenGL 4.6 API, but some drivers don’t support either. The only major version to arrive in Tumbleweed this week was Python module python-xdg 5.0.0; the new major version provides no upstream changelog. The patterns-desktop package update renamed the laptop pattern to mobile in it’s update from 20170319 to 20201106. The 3.5.8 package of postfix brought a memory leak fix and Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Protocol, srt 1.4.2, package improved the logging functionality by means of defining new and more fine-grained Functional Areas (FA) to which log messages are assigned; this was done to prevent too many debug log messages from the library influencing performance with the debug logging turned on. Some CVE updates in the 20201110 ucode-intel package addressed security vulnerabilities in some Intel processors; these included updates of INTEL-SA-00381 and INTEL-SA-00389. The xen 4.14.0_12 package added several patches and improved performance of live migrations. YaST had some packages update, which included adding methods in the yast2 4.3.41 package to decide if hibernation should be proposed, and the yast2-storage-ng 4.3.20 package disabled the “Device” menu items for Network File System (NFS) shares.

Progress is being made on the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer, but there is not date when it might be functioning again.

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