Board Elections - Meet the Candidates

14. Dec 2020 | Vinzenz Vietzke | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Board Elections - Meet the Candidates

As the openSUSE Board election is drawing closer, with the ballots opening on December 15 already, we want to invite the openSUSE community to a “meet-and-greet” and QA live session with the candidates.

In the past weeks there have been passionate discussions on the election and candidates, and we felt we had to answer the community’s interest with a proper setting.

In this video call the candidates will introduces themselves, present their openSUSE board election platforms and answer questions. While this might sound a bit formal we really want to keep it very informal and relaxed for everyone. The goal is to give the community a better picture of the candidates so they can decide whom to vote for.

Time and date

Saturday, 2020-12-19 at 13:00 UTC

We tried to accommodate as many time zones as possible. We chose Saturday to give people a chance to take part who are working during the weekdays. Please find your local time accordingly here


We will gather at this Jitsi room:

The session will be recorded for anyone not being able to take part. Furthermore we’re trying to make a live stream on Youtube possible as well to cover regions not that well connected to meet-o-o. Please keep that in mind so if you don’t want to be recorded it’s better to leave your webcam turned off.


Adrien Glauser and Vinzenz Vietzke will be moderating the whole event together to make sure no questions get lost unanswered.

Collecting Questions

As mentioned there will be lots of time for questions and discussions. We will try to monitor the chat for questions as they pop up. But if you already have questions to one or more candidates in mind please email them in advance: That makes planning much easier for us.

If there a general questions on the event feel free to get in touch. We’re looking forward to a productive and healthy session!

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