GNOME, VLC, Zypper update in Tumbleweed

22. Jan 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GNOME, VLC, Zypper update in Tumbleweed

Five openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots were released this week.

The snapshots updated the GNOME desktop, GStreamer, VLC and a couple text editors.

An update of bash 5.1.4 arrived in the latest snapshot 20210120. A few patches were added to the bash version, which is the latest release candidate. The 2.83 version of dnsmasq took care of five Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures; one of the fixes handles multiple identical near simultaneous DNS queries better and another CVE replaced the slightly lesser SHA-1 hash with the SHA-256 hash function, which verifies the DNS answers received are for the questions originally asked. GStreamer 1.18.3 fixed a memory leak and added support for the Apple M1, which made news yesterday as being able to run Linux. Several other GStreamer plugins were updated. Video player VLC updated for version 3.0.12 and added new Reliable Internet Stream Transport access output module compliant with a simple profile. About a dozen more packages were updated in the snapshot including ncurses , openldap2 2.4.57, and perl-Mojolicious 8.71.

The 20210119 snapshot fixed some rendering regressions and some crash in the 20.3.3 version of Mesa. ImageMagick fixed an issue of properly identifying SVG images. An update to the AY configuration file in autoyast2 4.3.65 was made for checking that a valid base product was selected. A few new features were made available in openssh 8.4p1, which prompts a PIN verification to complete a signature operation. The update of text editor nano 5.5 has an option to suppress the title bar and show a bar with basic information; it also removed support for Slang. GNOME’s Wayland display server and X11 window manager mutter 3.38.3 updated translations, set xrandr as the primary output and fixed some crashes. Flatpak 1.10.0 has major new features in this series compared to the 1.8 version, which supports a new repo format that should make updates faster and download less data. PDF renderer poppler also had a new major version with 21.01.0. Poppler has faster jpeg decoding and fixed some potential data loss when fetching a non-existing reference after modifying a document. GNU Privacy Guard updated to 2.2.27 and fixed descriptions of two new options in gpg.conf. There was an improvement to the login screen with gnome-shell 3.38.3 and the update of audio compressor wavpack to 5.4.0 allowed for the assembly of some language optimizations for x86, x64, and arm.

Mozilla Thunderbird 78.6.1 fixed one CVE in snapshot 20210118. CVE-2020-16044, which affected the use-after-free write when handling a malicious COOKIE-ECHO SCTP chunk; this had implication for the email client as well as the Firefox browser. openSUSE’s command line package manager zypper 1.14.42 fixed the extend apt packagemap and the source-download for command help. Another command line package, sudo updated to 1.9.5p1. This version fixed a regression introduced in sudo 1.9.5 where the editor run by sudoedit was set-user-ID root (unless SELinux RBAC was in use); the editor is now run with the user’s real and effective user-IDs. An update of redis to version 6.0.10 fixed a crash in redis-cli after executing a cluster backup. The 2.24 alpine, which is a text-based mail and news client, provided implementation of XOAUTH2 for Yahoo! Mail.

The 20210115 snapshot provided updates for GNOME 3.38.3 with packages gnome-desktop, gnome-maps, gnome-terminal and the evolution information manager all updating a minor version. A minor update was made to the compiler/toolchain llvm11 to version 11.0.1, which provided some random fixes. The snapshot also featured an update to salt 3002.2, which removed the use of an undefined variable in utils/ and restored the ability to specify the amount of extents for a Logical Volume as a percentage. Other packages to update in the snapshot were AppStream 0.13.1, git 2.30.0 brltty 6.2, vala 0.50.3 and vim.

The Linux Kernel was updated to 5.10.7 in snapshot 20210114. Xfce’s thunar file manager updated to version 4.16.2; the package fixed a regression with opening an application and a changes were made to always create new files and folders in a current directory.

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