Session One Meetup Generates Enhancements, Actions

25. Jan 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Session One Meetup Generates Enhancements, Actions

The first session of the openSUSE Project’s meetup regarding the End of the Year Survey Results on Jan. 23 is already starting produce some actionable items from contributors.

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The session on openSUSE’s Jitsi instance had engagement from about 20 people from around the globe.

Topics discussed in the two-hour session focused on addressing pain points, transferring knowledge and promoting openSUSE projects.

Members of the “let’s improve the openSUSE learning experience” shared statics and analysis from the survey and attendees engaged in generating ideas and actions to enhance and improve the above mentioned items.

Actions to take voiced during the session were enhancing the project’s websites to better direct visitors to appropriate communication mediums, documenting easier “getting started” guides and coming up with monthly or quarterly workshops.

The discussions during the meetup lead to other topics like having more surveys to extract greater information about hardware difficulties and other pain points. Discussions also talked about enhancing the wording and live images on

Most of the ideas were captured on

The next sessions will start at 13:00 UTC on openSUSE’s Jitsi instance on Jan. 30.

Topics to be discussed in the Jan. 30 session include:

  • Tools driving switchers to openSUSE (Where are users coming from)
  • Discuss flagship project/s
  • Expanding global users
  • Increasing diversity
  • Increase usage with people under 34

The meetup will take place at

More details about the End of the Year Community Survey results can be found on the openSUSE Wiki.

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