Outreach, Survey Extension Addressed in Second Meetup

2. Feb 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Outreach, Survey Extension Addressed in Second Meetup

The second session of the openSUSE Project’s meetup regarding the End of the Year Survey Results on Jan. 30 led to some changes with regard to future surveys and contributors are looking to enhance outreach.

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The two-hour meetup took place on openSUSE’s Jitsi instance and several community members around the globe provided input on the results and how to improve the project’s diversity as well as global use.

The group spent time discussing the projects’ weaknesses and strengths based on the survey results and commonly understood areas members hope to improve.

The previous meetup session laid some groundwork with the introduction of monthly web development sprints to address feedback provided by attendees in both sessions. One of the areas mentioned were highlighting communication entry points so new users can be welcomed to the community and introduced to the project’s distributions and tools.

Attendees also discussed how to address users switching to openSUSE from Windows or other Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Arch, etc. The meetup also included a discussion about marketing strategies and ways to increase visibility for the projects’ projects and distributions. A marketing workgroup for the release of openSUSE Leap 15.3 was an idea brought up in the discussion and is moving forward with establishing a team.

Another topic resulted in a decision to extend future EOY surveys to be run for 30 days, which will run from mid-November to mid-December, rather than being open for two weeks like last year’s survey.

The attendees continued the discussion in the openSUSE Bar, which currently doesn’t have it’s opening hours posted.

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