openSUSE Project Selected for Google Summer of Code Mentoring

11. Mar 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

openSUSE Project Selected for Google Summer of Code Mentoring

Let’s gehts los! The openSUSE Project is one of about 200 mentoring organizations selected for this year’s Google Summer of Code.

The openSUSE Project has participated in several GSoC events since 2006 and the project’s mentors have helped more than 60 students become familiar with open-source software development.

openSUSE website dedicated to GSoC offers several projects for GSoC students. Projects are available for software testing with openQA, Artificial Intelligence development with Phoeβe and configuration and infrastructure management through the Uyuni Project. Some of the projects listed with the openSUSE organization within the GSoC program work with Kubernetes like the carrier project and Rancher.

Projects listed on the mentoring website include projects also related to Debian, Ubuntu, KDE, AWS and Windows.

Programming languages in the listed projects include Go, Ruby, Perl, Python, Rust and c/c++.

The list of projects are:

As a mentoring organization, eligible students will have an opportunity between March 29 and April 13 to submit an application proposal to the GSoC program site. The program is open to university students aged 18 or over.

The annual international program focuses on bringing student developers into open source software development. Students work with open-source organizations on a 10-week programming project during the school break.

After the students submit their applications, there will be a review period from April 13 and May 17. Accepted projects will be announced on May 17 and the coding will begin on June 7 and continue throughout the summer.

If you are interested in participating in GSoC, please visit the mentoring website and Google Summer of Code website for more information about the projects and the application process.

Accepted students with openSUSE are encouraged to blog about their experience during GSoC on through submitting a pull request here.

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