YaST Packages, Nmap Get Updates in Tumbleweed

1. Apr 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

YaST Packages, Nmap Get Updates in Tumbleweed

Three openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots were released since last Thursday.

Most of the package updates focused on libraries and YaST packages as well as documentation and nmap.

The snapshot from Tuesday, 20210330, updated an enormous amount of YaST translations and minor style adjustments and improvements were made with the yast2-theme 4.3.8 update. Extra validations were added to yast2-storage-ng 4.3.50 when creating a striped volume and when editing the physical volumes. The update to the 4.3.63 version of yast2-network brought about a dozen improvements to include adding support to write bridge and bonding configurations. Abstraction library libyui removed a dependency on Xlib and has a new packaging system in the update to 4.1.2. Network scanner nmap fixed a MySQL library that was not properly parsing responses in version 7.91 and the update of purple-lurch, which does secure multi-client end-to-end encryption, had some memory handling improvements in the 0.7.0 version update.

Topping the list of package updates for snapshot 20210329 was an update of setools 4.4.0 that added a configuration file driven analysis tool and Xfce file manager thunar 4.16.6 removed a dialog box and revamped documentation across components. A memory leak and an integer overflow fix was made in the update of checkpolicy 3.2. File system utility e2fsprogs 1.46.2 fixed warnings when resizing small file systems to a super-large ones. Spell checking library enchant 2.2.15 had some minor build system improvements and requires nuspell 4.1.0 or greater. Other packages that received updates were ffmpeg-4 4.3.2, perl-Net-HTTP 6.21, man-pages 5.11, rubygem-rspec-rails 5.0.1 and more.

The pixel encoding and color space conversion engine babl 0.1.86 had an a change to a profile for creating RGB spaces in snapshot 20210325. Xfce application library exo fixed a keyboard navigation item in its 4.16.1 update. A few Python Package Index updates were also made in the snapshot; a fix was made with LVM root volume inclusion in fstab with the update of python-kiwi 9.23.22 and mailing list management system python-mailman 3.3.4 improved the speed of members lookup via REST Application Programming Interface. Other packages updated in the snapshot were updates to libressl 3.2.5, mpg123 1.26.5 and the transactional-update 3.3.0 package used for MicroOS and Kubic added support for more package managers by bind mounting their directories; the package also linked the RPM database correctly with older zypper versions.

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