Recently and soon in openSUSE #1

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Recently and soon in openSUSE #1

Community meeting: Tell us everything!

Today (Saturday 31st of July, 17:00 UTC) is the third installment of the recently rejuvenated Community meetings! Taking place on Jitsi Meet, it will be an excellent opportunity to discuss and coordinate on solutions for improving things in the Project.

One important topic will be openSUSE Membership, soon to be affected by the shutdown of connect-o-o.

Python developer wanted for the “defrag” community API

In the last weeks, we’ve been working on “defrag” 1, a user-friendly REST API allowing users across all the platforms (e.g. Matrix, Telegram, Discord, forums, web) to perform searches for all kinds of things, e.g.:

  • zypper search
  • documentation search
  • bugzilla search
  • wiki search
  • progress/pagure search
  • news
  • events and other activites

… and possibly more. The current state of the project can be seen at GitHub: Don’t worry, it will get moved to in the future.

Right now, two people are working on defrag, KaratekHD and Nycticorax. A third person has suspended their participation for personal reasons.

However, working on a project like this is pretty hard with only two people. So, we are looking for at least a third person to help us building our API. If you’re a Python developer and would like to help out in defrag, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!


Documentation: Share your top “must-do” after installing an openSUSE distribution

The new documentation platform – slightly more focused on Tumbleweed – is closing in on the beta release date and the team would be interested to know if the Community would like to add (or remove!) items to our Post-installation Best Of.

If you have any tip that’s not covered already, your suggestions will be wholeheartedly welcome! And if you have some time on your hands, let us know about your best of / most helpful wiki pages! We will be happy to migrate them to the new platform.


Bonus: Interview of Dominique Leuenberger

Dominique Leuenberger, release manager of Tumbleweed, has kindly agreed to an interview to be held in the upcoming weeks. Even though the interview will not be held live for reasons of simplicity, questions from the Community are very welcome! Join us on one of the two channels below and let us know if you want to hear Dominique on something we didn’t think of!


  • Matrix:
  • Telegram
  1. Because we try and fight fragmentation in openSUSE. 

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