Leap's First Quarterly Update is Released

2. Nov 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Leap's First Quarterly Update is Released

The release manager for openSUSE Leap has announced the release of the first quarterly iso image update for the 15.3 release

Dubbed as respins, these updates refresh the iso images based on General Availability (GA) release and contain all the updates for the past quarter.

“The openSUSE release team has over time received quite some requests to provide regular refreshes of install media,” wrote release manager Lubos Kocman in an email to the project. “Some of these 15.X requests date back to the 15.2 development cycle.”

Respins allow users to take advantage of the latest bug fixes and updates immediately, which helps reduce bandwidth use of the download and online updates after an installation.

As both Leap and SUSE Linux Enterprise, which also had a quarterly rebuild, are connected, a rebuild of Leap 15.3 became available. More information about the release of the quarterly builds can be found on the Leap Roadmap or in the email written by Kocman.

Users can download the updated iso at get.opensuse.org.

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