Ruby, Plasma, GTK Update in Tumbleweed

19. Nov 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Ruby, Plasma, GTK Update in Tumbleweed

There were a total of four openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots released this week.

Snapshot 20211117 gave KDE users the Plasma 5.23.3 update. The bug-fix release had changes for the systemsettings5 package, which had a fix for a touchscreen click. The plasma-desktop had a fix involving drag and drop that reset a position and overlap; the package also had a fix showing an inactive kwin console. The kwin package also made some fixes that prevented crashing of screencasting and provided a couple fixes for Wayland. The update of kplotting was the single KDE Frameworks 5.88.0 package updated in the snapshot; the rest came in the previous day’s snapshot. Xfce users also had an update in the snapshot with xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin 2.6.2, which provided a fix for the menu not toggling after pressing escape. The package also fixed shifting the background when showing the menu. Other packages to update in the snapshot were fribidi 1.0.11 and restorecond 3.3, which is a daemon that watches for file creation.

Many of the KDE Frameworks 5.88.0 packages arrived in snapshot 20211116. Updates to improve the Open/Save Advanced Dialog were made to KTextEditor, and plugin KParts deprecated unused and internal methods. Small improvements were in the Application Programming Interfaces documentation for Kirigami; the User Interface framework package also fixed issues with setting components on a tablet. The plasma-framework package added additional keyboard navigation, increased tab margins for visual styles and gave breeze buttons a more realistic shadow. KDE users weren’t the only ones to gain fixes and features from the very large snapshot. An updated of btrfsprogs 5.15 made new defaults for mkfs and fixed warnings regarding a v1 space cache when only v2 (free space tree) is enabled. GTK4 disabled SassC build requirement when building from git and dropped a configuration that is related 32-bit and likely not being consumed, according to the changelog. Both ruby 2.7.4 and 3.0.2 were updated in the snapshot to address a few Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. The update of mariadb 10.6.5 dropped some patches and had no effect from CVE-2021-35604, which affected other database management systems. Two CVEs were fixed in the postgresql14 14.1 update; one of those made the server reject extraneous data after an SSL or GSS encryption handshake. The update of libreoffice dropped two patches. Vim 8.2.3587, xen 4.16.0 and yast2-network 4.4.31 were among many packages and libraries to update. There were more than 30 additional packages to update in the snapshot.

Just two package came in snapshot 20211111. The major version of coreutils 9.0 arrived in the snapshot. The chmod -v no longer misreports modes of dangling symlinks, which was a bug introduced in coreutils-5.3.0. Several more bug were fixed and there were new features added like cksum now supports the -a (--algorithm) option to select any of the existing sum, md5sum, b2sum, sha*sum implementations etc. cksum now subsumes all of these programs, and coreutils will introduce no future standalone checksum utility. There were a large amount of bug fixes and new features in the update of xorg-x11-server to version 21.1.1. X server now correctly reports display DPI in more cases, which may affect rendering of client applications that have their own workarounds for hi-DPI screens.

The snapshot to start the week off was 20211110. This snapshot updated Mozilla Firefox to version 94.0.1, which gives power users an about:unloads to release system resources by manually unloading tabs without closing them. Vim also had an update in this snapshot to version 8.2.3582; the text editor had some reading of uninitialized memory when giving spelling suggestions. Other packages to update in the snapshot were xwayland 21.1.3, ceph, and several pypi packages.

The Tumbleweed-Review sent to the Factory mailing list reveals that Linux Kernel 5.15.2 (with kernel modules compression using zstd), ICU 70.1, Mesa 21.3.0 and cmake 3.22.0 are being tested and are in the staging projects for future release.

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