openSUSE Begins Annual Survey

17. Jan 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

openSUSE Begins Annual Survey

The start of an openSUSE survey has begun, and users, open-source contributors and community members are encouraged to take the annual survey.

Last year the community started its end of year survey and discussed the results during a community meeting.

The results and meeting feedback guided changes in the timing and format of the current survey, which is now open for people to take. Some changes were made to the previous year’s questions and the survey will run until Feb. 28.

The survey is expected to provide insights on how people view and interact with the project. The survey will also help the community better understand the growing use of openSUSE distributions and tools.

The survey was expected to start in December of 2021, but due to another survey about community safety and the elections timing of the openSUSE Board, a decision was made to begin the survey in the new year. Please help us by taking the survey.

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