Call for Papers Opens for openSUSE Conference 2022

18. Jan 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Call for Papers Opens for openSUSE Conference 2022

The call for papers for openSUSE Conference 2022 is open!

The call for papers is open until April 14. This leaves a less than 90 days to submit a proposal. The dates of the conference are scheduled for June 2 - 4. The organizing team is preparing for a hybrid conference involving both virtual talks and live talks from the Z-Bau in Nuremberg, Germany. Registration for the conference has also begun.

Presentations can be submitted for the following length of time:

  • Lightning Talk (10 mins) or Lightning Virtual Talk (10 mins)
  • Normal Talk (30 mins) or Normal Virtual Talk (30 mins)
  • Long Talk (45 mins) or Long Virtual Talk (45 mins)
  • Workshop (1 hour) or Virtual Workshop (1 hour)

The following tracks are listed for the conference:

  • Cloud and Containers
  • Community
  • Embedded Systems and Edge Computing
  • New Technologies
  • Open Source
  • openSUSE

The conference already has two sponsors with Fedora and SUSE. Companies interested in sponsoring the event can view sponsorship information on the project’s wiki page.

Volunteers who would like to help with the planning of the event can join our planning meetings on Tuesdays at 19:00 UTC. Check the notes for details.

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