AppArmor, Flatpak, GStreamer update in Tumbleweed

18. Feb 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

AppArmor, Flatpak, GStreamer update in Tumbleweed

openSUSE’s rolling release Tumbleweed has produced five snapshots since our last review.

Snapshots 20220215, 20220214, 20220213, 20220212 and 20220210 updated several tools, libraries and clients this week.

The latest snapshot, 20220215, updated a couple Python Package Index and RubyGem packages. The package that generates profile reports from pandas DataFrame fixed almost a dozen regressions and reverted a performance speedup to fix a precision regression. The RubyGem package rubygem-faraday, which is an HTTP/REST Application Programming Interfaces client library, updated to a major new version from 1.3.0 to 2.1.0; the package added several new features like backport authorization process, improved documentation and added a policy on inclusive language. Data compression package lzip 1.23 reduced compression times by 5 to 12 percent depending on the file. Text editor vim 8.2.4375 fixed a few crashes and a couple of those involved FuncRef. An update of yast2-trans 84.87.20220211 added new pot files for storage, dns-server, nfs and s390.

Snapshot 20220214 updated six packages. Flatpak 1.12.5 now detects and removes left-over data from /var/lib/flatpak/appstream and a fix was made with a display bug in Flatpak history; it does not set up an unnecessary polkit agent for flatpak’s history. An update of gnome-maps 41.4 provided some translations and fixed build issues with Meson 0.60. The update of NetworkManager 1.34.0 had multiple additions for Meson builds requirements. The updated NetworkManager also split out NetworkManager-pppoe, which is needed to configure regular PPPoE connections; the changelog states that it’s not very common since most users have PPPoE routers for the DSL connections.

Internet Relay Chat client hexchat 2.16.1 updated in snapshot 20220213 and received build fixes with OpenSSL 3. The IRC client also fixed Python scripts not being opened as UTF-8. The 4.6.1 GTK4 package has a new API for text shaping engine HarfBuzz and the toolkit also fixes support for the new high-contrast setting with Wayland. The glib2 2.70.4 version updated translations and fixed a memory leak. Another packages to update in the snapshot was yast2-installation 4.4.40, which fixed some issue running with Qt 5.15.

Mesa 21.3.6 was among the many packages updated in snapshot 20220212. The update fixed a flickering with Intel UHD Graphic 620 and had some Wayland fixes with added modifiers for RGB formats. Apparmor 3.0.4 fixed a build error that could cause AppArmor builds to fail during tests in some build environments. The kernel security module also fixed log parsing for socklogd and added support in utils for new and future Python versions. With gnome-software 41.4, translations for Japanese and Icelandic languages were updated. Other GNOME packages to update were gnome-autoar 0.4.3, evolution 3.42.4 and gnome-documents 3.34.0+37, which the changelog states is the final version of gnome-documents as it is now archived. Identity management package sssd 2.6.3 fixed some critical regressions that prevented authentication of users via AD and IPA providers. There were some typo fixes and new tests added with the btrfsprogs 5.16.1 update. Other packages to update in the snapshot were nano 6.1, pango 1.50.4, Linux Kernel 5.16.8 and several YaST packages.

Snapshot 20220210 was released last week and brought ImageMagick The image editor had a couple fixes for the minor version and one of those fixed an errant check, which increased memory and slowed down the tool. The newest Mozilla Firefox version, 97.0, was updated and it had a change that removed support for directly generating PostScript for printing on Linux. Printing to PostScript printers still remains a supported option, however. There was some code cleanup with the newest harfbuzz 3.3.2 upgrade and it reverted splitting of pair positioning values introduced in 3.3.0; the previous version in Tumbleweed was 3.2.0. The 1.18.6 version of GStreamer fixed an object leak for a plugin feature and the input-selector now uses the proper segments when cleaning cached buffers. Other packages to update in the snapshot were remmina 1.4.24, squid 5.4, webkit2gtk3 2.34.5 and many others.

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