Tumbleweed Gets GNOME 42

25. Mar 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed Gets GNOME 42

openSUSE’s rolling release quickly gave Tumbleweed users the freshly released GNOME 42.

This highly anticipated release from GNOME contributors landed in the 20220323 snapshot.

GNOME 42 has a new global dark User Interface style preference and comes with a redesigned screenshot feature. The core GNOME 42 apps have been ported to GTK4 and provide next generation capabilities. GNOME 42 includes a valuable set of performance improvements like videos now use modern OpenGL widgets with hardware accelerated decoding; the input handling has been significantly enhanced, which results in lower input latency and improved responsiveness. Improvements in how fullscreen apps are rendered result in reduced energy consumption for video playback and increased frame rates for games. VLC was updated in the snapshot and fixed a regression that could cause a lack of audio for adaptive streaming playback. Several other packages updated in the snapshot including NetworkManager 1.36.4, GTK4 4.6.2, webkit2gtk3 2.36.0, yast2-installation 4.4.50 and more.

The previous day’s snapshot, 20220322 provided three package updates. The Ethernet and IP address pairings package arpwatch 3.2 added a configure option to specify the path to sendmail. The aws-cli 1.22.65 updated the spec file and had some Application Programming Interfaces changes like adding an operation for custom plugin deletion DeleteCustomPlugin and adding Hybridcast as an available profile option for Dash Origin Endpoints. The python-pip 22.0.4 package updated; the package is not compatible with Python 3.6 and is not suitable for openSUSE Leap 15. However, the package fixed an issue where pip did not consider dependencies. There were a significant amount of updates from the previous 20.2.4 version that was in the rolling release.

Another three packages were updated in snapshot 20220321. This snapshot provided a minor update for GNU Compiler Collection 11, which had a patch to fix the miscompiling of an embedded premake of game 0 A.D. on i586 processors. The C/C++ code analysis tool cppcheck updated to version 2.7.1. The tool made various checker improvements and added support for container views; the view attribute has been added to the container library tag to specify the class is a view. The lifetime analysis has been updated to use this new attribute to find dangling lifetime containers. The other package to update was rpm-config-SUSE, which changed his version structure and updated from 0.g96 to 20220317.

The snapshots continued to be released over the weekend as snapshot 20220320 updated fifteen packages. This snapshot updated gnome-software to version 41.5 to add several appstream-related fixes; the update also disabled the scroll-by-mouse-wheel on the featured carousel. The update of container-selinux from 2.171.0 to version 2.180.0 provided several added options and allow container domains to be used by user roles. An updated of libstorage-ng 4.4.94 no longer blocks blkdiscard on extended partitions and whois client 5.5.12 updated the .pro top-level domain server. Other notable packages to update were librsvg 2.52.8, python-kiwi 9.24.29, yast2-installation 4.4.49 and more.

The NetworkManager 1.36.2 update in snapshot 20220319 now loads all the known plugins found in the plugin directory. NetworkManager also converted iproute2 and iputils from requires to recommends. Flatpak 1.12.7 updated in the snapshot and has a change that will allow apps built with Flatpak 1.13.x to export AppStream metadata in share/metainfo, which might be discussed in the upcoming Linux App Summit. The 5.16.15 Linux Kernel appears to have provided a few arm fixes and listed a fix for CVE-2022-0886, which is a duplicate of CVE-2022-27666.

The snapshot that started the week last Friday was 20220318. The snapshot reverted rubygem-formatador from 1.1.0 to 0.3.0. There was a cargo.lock update int he gstreamer-plugins-rs 0.8.2 release and several hundred translation were made in the sixth month desktop-translations 84.87.20220316 update 9301f89b. Other updates in the snapshot included fwupd-efi 1.2, p11-kit 0.24.1 and yast2-packager 4.4.26.

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