GCC 12 Becoming Default Compiler in Tumbleweed

13. May 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GCC 12 Becoming Default Compiler in Tumbleweed

More than a month after preparing the default compiler for openSUSE Tumbleweed to be switched to GNU Compiler Collection 12, the latest snapshot passed openQA and is making GCC12 the default compiler for the rolling release.

A complete rebuild of snapshot 20220510 is syncing with the mirrors and should soon be a zypper dup away from users changing their rolling release’s default compiler. Being a complete rebuild, it might take some time to sync with the mirrors, but developers can soon have the newest GCC for their development.

“OpenQA did not notice anything weird in this snapshot, the reported errors are generally unchanged to 0509, which is a good sign,” wrote release manager Dominique Leuenberger on the factory mailing list. “Hope you will enjoy the snapshot - now built with GCC12”!

The snapshot the day prior, 20220509, updated git 2.36.1. The minor git update provided a few fixes to include a fix for the git submodule update. Text editor vim took care of a Common Vulnerability and Exposure in its 8.2.4877 version update; the fix of CVE-2022-1381 closes a vulnerability that could cause the crashing software, the modifying of memory and was capable of a possible remote execution. Virtual machine users had five CVE fixes with the virtualbox 6.1.34 update. VM host and guest fixes affected by the 5.14 Linux Kernel were also fixed with the update. However, Tumbleweed users received the update of the 5.17.5 Linux Kernel in the snapshot. The 22.05.0 update of the PDF rendering library poppler had code improvements and added the TSV mode, which is a mode to edit a table like a file. Encrypting and signing data and communications is up to five times faster with verification of detached signatures thanks to the gpg2 2.3.6 update and GnuPG doubled the detached signing speed and the AES256.OCB encryption speed. Other updates in the snapshot included gnome-shell 42.1, libstorage-ng 4.5.10, yast2 4.5.3, autoyast2 4.5.1, and z3 4.8.17.

The 100th version of Mozilla Firefox arrived in snapshot 20220506. The new version brings in Picture-in-Picture that supports video captions on websites that use WebVTT (Web Video Text Track) format. Firefox spell checking now checks spelling in multiple languages. An update of clamav 0.103.6 fixed a CVE for a possible infinite loop vulnerability in the TIFF file parser and another CVE of a possible memory leak in the HTML file parser. KDE users had an update of plasma 5.24.5 in the snapshot. The updated Plasma improved the stability of different source integration with the Discover Flatpak backend. The update also fixed the unlocking of Wayland sessions with KWin. An update of the 3D graphics driver Mesa fixed most of the major drivers in the 22.0.3 release and added the AArch64 architecture. An update of openconnect 8.20 added support for the Array Networks SSL VPN. The openexr package, which is a professional-grade image storage format for the motion picture industry, updated to version 3.1.5; it updated the Continuous Integration workflow matrix and fixed a build failure for one of the Linux distros. Other packages to update in the snapshot were font rendering library freetype2 2.12.1, LibreOffice, re2c 3.0 and caching DNS resolver unbound 1.15.0.

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