Mesa, ImageMagick Packages Update in Tumbleweed

25. May 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Mesa, ImageMagick Packages Update in Tumbleweed

Snapshots for openSUSE Tumbleweed have been continuously released this month. This week we will look at packages released in four snapshots since Friday.

However, before venturing in to those snapshots, there is a change to NetworkManager expected to arrive in a soon-to-be-released snapshot; it will provide a fix for the wifi chunk changes made in a prior snapshot that caused some connectivity challenges for some users. The advantages of snapper with Btrfs can keep openSUSE’s rolling release users connected through a rollback; users can then update next week and not skip a beat.

The most recent snapshot, 20220523, provided three package updates. Among those were an update to secure communications library gnutls 3.7.5; the package was laying the ground for a future release by adding options to disable session ticket usage in TLS 1.2 because it does not provide forward confidentiality; TLS 1.2 has future backward incompatibility. The other two packages to update in the snapshot were libxkbcommon 1.4.1 and python-sympy 1.10.1, which removed the long deprecated densearith, densesolve, and densetools.

Mesa 22.1.0 arrived in snapshot 20220522. The 3D graphics library included some new features like support for Intel’s Alchemist DG2 platform, Vulkan 1.3 support to Lavapipe, and Kopper interface backports for the Zink. An update of aws-cli 1.24.4 added an optional DeploymentResult field in the responses of GetStageDeploymentIntegrationTests and ListStageDeploymentIntegrationTests Application Programming Interfaces. The release also added support for a human readable alert. An update was made to gtk3 3.24.34, which updated translations and fixed the build issues with GNU Compiler Collection 12. Photo manager shotwell 0.30.16 fixed an issue with dark mode wallpapers and an import and video from a Sony A7C camera. Other packages to update in the snapshot were iptables 1.8.8, yast2-network 4.5.2 and more.

The first minor update was made to Mozilla Firefox 100 in snapshot 20220521. The update took care of two Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, which were CVE-2022-1802 and CVE-2022-1529, and the web browser also fixed an issue with subtitles in the Picture-in-Picture mode while using Netflix. The 5.17.9 Linux Kernel update fixed a potential theoretical leak in the open-source driver for Nvidia cards, Nouveau. There was also a fix for a potential memory leak with s390.

The update of ImageMagick arrived in snapshot 20220520. The image editor removed some special dolor deduction and fixed a temporary file leak. Sandboxing tool bubblewrap 0.6.2 made changes to the installation directory and to allow compilation with an older glibc. GNOME’s character map gucharmap 14.0.3 improved Korean Hanja pronunciation properties and enabled alphabetical sorting of the Unicode blocks. Other packages to update in the snapshot were a few libraries, yast2-packager 4.5.4 and orca 42.1, which made some changes to the handling of WebKitGtk’s toolkit name casing, so older versions of orca continue to work with newer versions of the WebKit rendering engine.

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