MicroOS Desktop Use to Help with ALP Feedback

19. Jul 2022 | Emily Gonyer and Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

MicroOS Desktop Use to Help with ALP Feedback

Participants from the openSUSE community working on the upcoming release of the Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP) encourage people to try openSUSE MicroOS Desktop to gain user perspectives on its applicability.

Users are encouraged to try out MicroOS Desktop by installing it and using it on a laptop or workstation for a week or so. By doing this, users develop a frame of reference for how ALP can progress; the community wants to gain feedback about what users think about ALP’s usability, how it fits user workflows and more. The community would like to see critiques and evaluations that work for users. People are encouraged to send feedback to the ALP-community-wg mailing list.

The temporary use of the MicroOS Desktop will help developers assess how to move forward with ALP’s Proof of Concept (PoC).

Currently MicroOS Desktop has both GNOME and KDE’s Plasma as an option.

ALP’s PoC does not currently have a Desktop requirement, but one is expected to land in a snapshot shortly after the PoC.

Several workgroups (WG) are involved and engineers are aiming for an initial PoC release of ALP in the fall. There are also plans to to do an ALP Workshop and Install Fest (as a hybrid in-person/virtual event) during the openSUSE.Asia Summit 2022 if the ALP PoC release becomes available before the summit, which is on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1.

Discussions related to flatpaks and how they will fit into the wider ALP ecosystem alongside RPMs and other packages continue to be discussed among community members and stakeholders.

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