Xen, QEMU update in Tumbleweed

4. Aug 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Xen, QEMU update in Tumbleweed

The openSUSE Tumbleweed produced five snapshots since last Thursday that have so far been released.

Among some of the packages updated this week besides those listed above in the headline were curl, ffmpeg, fetchmail, vim and more.

Snapshot 20220802 was released a couple hours ago and updated just four packages. The update of webkit2gtk3 2.36.5 fixed video playback for the Yelp browser. It and webkit2gtk3-soup2 also fixed a couple Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. An update of yast2-trans provided some Slovak translations.

The update of xen 4.16.1_06 arrived in snapshot 20220801 and it offered several patches. One of those was a fix for a GNU Compiler Collection 13 compilation error and xen also addressed a CVE; CVE-2022-33745 had a wrong use of a variable due to a code move and lead to a wrong TLB flush condition. Another of the packages to arrive in the snapshot was an update of fetchmail 6.4.32; the package updated translations and added a patch to clean up some scripts. Many changes were made in the mozilla-nss 3.80 update, which added a few certificates and support for asynchronous client auth hooks. The package also removed the Hellenic Academic 2011 root certificate. Terminal multiplexer, tmux, updated to 3.3a and added systemd socket activation support, which can be built with -enable-systemd.

Snapshot 20220731 had many packages updated. ImageMagick jumped a few minor version to The imaging package eliminated some warnings and a possible buffer overflow. The curl 7.84.0 update deleted two obsolete OpenSSL options and fixed four CVEs. Daniel Stenberg’s video went over CVE-2022-32205 at length, which could have effectively caused a denial of service possible for a sibling site. An update of kdump fixed a network-related dracut handling for Firmware Assisted Dump. An update of codec2 version 1.0.5 fixed a FreeDV Application Programming Interface backward compatibility issue in the previous minor version. An update of inkscape 1.2.1 fixes five crashes, more than 25 bugs and improved 15 user-interface translations. PDF rendering library poppler updated to version 22.07.0 and fixed a crash when filling in forms in some files. It also added gpg keyring validation for the release tarball. The 2.3.7 version of gpg2 fixed CVE-2022-34903 that, in unusual situations, could allow a signature forgery via injection into the status line. Other key packages to update in the snapshot were unbound 1.16.1, libstorage-ng 4.5.33, yast2-bootloader 4.5.2 and kernel-firmware 20220714.

The 20220729 snapshot delivered yast2 4.5.10, which jumped four minor versions; the new version added a method for finding a package according to a pattern and fixed libzypp initialization. Text editor vim 9.0.0073 fixed CVE-2022-2522 and a couple compiler warnings. Linux Kernel security module Apparmor 3.0.5 fixed a build error, had several profile and abstraction additions and removed several upstreamed patches. Both GCC 12 and ceph had some minor git updates with versions 12.1.1 and 16.2.9 respectively.

The 20220728 snapshot had two major version updates. The 7.0 version of qemu had a substantial rework of the spec files and properly fixed CVE-2022-0216. The generic emulator and virtualizer had several RISC-V additions; support for KVM and enablement of Hypervisor extension by default. The package also added new audio-dbus and ui-dbus subpackages, according to the changelog. The other major release was adobe-sourcehanserif-fonts 2.001. The new version added Hong Kong specific subset fonts and variable fonts for all regions for the decorative font. Another package to update in the snapshot was ffmpeg. The 5.1 version brought in IPFS protocol support and removed the X-Video Motion Compensation hardware acceleration. The snapshot also updated bind 9.18.5, sqlite2 3.39.2, virtualbox 6.1.36, zypper 1.14.55 and many other packages.

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