Project Enters Election Phase 0

18. Oct 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Project Enters Election Phase 0

The openSUSE Project has begun its annual elections process that will fill three board seats to represent the project’s governance.

Phase 0, which is the announcement of the elections and the call for candidates/nominations, started Oct. 15. This phase aims to get people involved with the project to consider serving as a representative for fellow openSUSE community members.

“Fellow Geeko’s now is the time to put forward your candidacy for the three available seats on the board this year!” wrote the election committee to the project mailing list.

To stand for a position on the openSUSE board, people are asked to send an email to and

“Only openSUSE members are eligible to run for openSUSE Board openings,” according to the openSUSE wiki.

This phase will end at the end of the month, which will move the election process to Phase 1. Phase 1 publishes the candidate slate and the campaigning begins.

Board members help with the governance of the project and assist the community with a variety of topics and responsibilities.

For more information, visit the openSUSE wiki.

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