LLVM, sudo, Plasma update in Tumbleweed

3. Nov 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

LLVM, sudo, Plasma update in Tumbleweed

This week’s openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots continued to roll forward and update more than 150 software packages.

Besides updates for LLVM, sudo and KDE’s Plasma, packages like systemd, curl, strace and tracker also gained software updates.

An update of gnome-terminal 3.46.3 arrived in snapshot 20221101. The package updated translations, put to use a new icon and removed XML namespaces. Other GNOME packages updated in the snapshot like document viewer evince 43.1. The document viewer fixes a crash and avoids a rendering issue. An update of glib2 2.74.1 had a patch that reverts the handling of collisions between standard input/output file descriptors and newly created ones, which solves the password and secrets storer gnome-keyring-daemon from eating 100 percent CPU. The building blocks package for libraries and applications written in C also fixes regression with int64, which is used to represent 64-bit signed integers; the package also fixes various build failures in different situations. Terminal Emulators vte 0.70.1 implemented the clipboard for GTK4, added a define for Apple’s darwin and fixed a filter for unwanted environment variables. Macedonian translations were added with an update to yast2-trans. A few other packages were updated in the snapshot.

The new major version of the diagnostic, debugging and instructional userspace package strace was made available in the 20221031 snapshot. The 6.0 version updates the decoding of setns system call, which allows for the calling thread to move into different namespaces, and updates the lists of ioctl commands related to Linux Kernel 6.0. The package update of timezone 2022f will let people reading this Tumbleweed blog know that Mexico no longer observes daylight savings except near the US border. Chihuahua moves to year-round time, but it’s unclear if that is for the state or the city. The timezone update changes the time for Fiji as it also no longer observes daylight savings. The few Python Package Index and RubyGems packages were updated in the snapshot as well.

Snapshot 20221030 was more of a RubyGems snapshot that anything else although it had two PyPI updates; python-zope.interface 5.5.0 and python-colorama 0.4.6. Some RubyGems like rubygem-openid_connect added two-way authentication mTLS access token capabilities in the 2.2.0 update. An update of rubygem-pg 1.4.4 reverted a change to let libpq do the host iteration while ensuring the parameter [connect_timeout](https://github.com/ged/ruby-pg/pull/485) is still respected. RubyGems application dependencies package rubygem-bundler fixes a User Interface issue when bundler duplicated gems; this was done by deduplicating the list. One of the few non-RubyGems packages to update in the snapshot was to the application and emulator filter luit 0221028, which updated a configuration script to work around regressions in grep 3.8.

Plasma 5.26.2 was updated in snapshot 20221029. KDE’s software center Discover makes sure to look up the correct resource for Flatpak and now shows the beta information for apps on the backend. Window manager and Wayland compositor KWin replaced some manual pointer conversions with calls and fixed a potential race condition when the text input state changes and when focus changes happen at the same time. Fixes to dragging desktop components were made with the plasma-desktop update and the package fixed font size changes when migrating from Plasma 5.25. A minor update of llvm15 15.0.3 adds a patch to fix the lowering of non-canonical vector comparisons on ARMv7. An updated of decoder mpg123 1.31.0 fixed an interaction of pause (looping) with buffer, adding a --pauseloop to set the loop interval. The package also added interruption handling to fix a bug for certain Advanced Linux Sound Architecture setups. Several other packages were updated in the snapshot.

Browser Mozilla Firefox 106.0.2 fixed a handful of bugs in snapshot 20221028. One of those fixes notifications in the sub-panel settings and another fixes the browser from freezing on some sites. The update of sudo 1.9.12 was extensive. It fixed a bug when logging the commands exit status in intercept mode. It also fixed a bug that prevented event log data from being sent to the log server when I/O logging is not enabled. Tracker and tracker-miners both updated to version 3.4.1. The searching and indexing functionality packages both had fixes for memory leaks. The latter improved performance lookups and provided new handling of syscalls. An update of the mobile remote terminal application mosh 1.4.0 added true color support and syslog logging of connections. The libstorage-ng 4.5.48 update set used feature flags and an update of Plymouth fixed some plugins and dropped a few patches. Linux kernel-source 6.0.5 update provides support GNU Compiler Collection 12.1 and newer compilers, and it had a firmware change that doesn’t free memory if an Advanced Configuration and Power Interface table is loaded successfully. Python updated in the snapshot; a fix for multiplying a list by an integer to detect an integer overflow when a new allocated length is close to the maximum size was made with the python310 3.10.8 update. Many other packages were updated in the snapshot including yast2-firstboot 4.5.5 and yast2-packager 4.5.6.

The 20221027 snapshot that came shortly after publishing last week’s blog had an enormous amount of updated packages. Three Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures were fixed with the curl 7.86.0 update; Daniel Stenberg provided a video from Oct. 26 providing feature changes and discussing pending removals that will be coming in the future. ImageMagick added a private Application Programming Interface to go through a linked list without using semaphores. Advanced Linux Sound Architecture 1.2.8 added a keyring and added support for pause/resume and for an ID3v2 tag skip. An update of systemd 251.7 added support for QR code encoding library libqrencode 3.0, and it reverted a system time set back that introduced regressions that affected many users. LibreOffice fixed a bug where queries don’t show any content when executed directly through the Graphical User Interface. The yast2 4.5.18 update improved logging in the product control module and uses the new log.group call to group logs for each workflow step. Other packages to update in the snapshot were GTK4, dbus-1 1.14.4, mtools 4.0.42, webkit2gtk3 2.38.1 and several more.

The continuous streak of Tumbleweed snapshots stands at 21.

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