New Leap Micro Version Now Available

17. Nov 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

New Leap Micro Version Now Available

The openSUSE Project is pleased to announce the release of its modern lightweight host operating system Leap Micro 5.3.

This release has a new SELinux module for Cockpit that provides basic functionality for users to troubleshoot configurations and makes NetworkManager the default network configuration tool.

This release is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise SUSE (SLE) Micro 5.3 and is built on top of a SLE 15 Service Pack 4 update.

This ultra-reliable, lightweight and immutable operating system can be used for several compute environments like edge, embedded, IoT deployments and others.

The host-OS has automated administration and patching, so auto-updating gives users a persistent bootable system for their container and virtualized workloads.

Users should know that zypper is not used with Leap Micro, but transactional-update is used instead. One of the packages related to Leap Micro for developers is Podman. Podman gives developers options to run their applications with Podman in production.

Leap Micro has similarities of MicroOS, but Leap Micro does not offer a graphical user interface or desktop version. However, users can use Cockpit to manage their host OS through a web browser.

Large development teams can add value to their operations by trying Leap Micro and transitioning to SUSE’s SLE Micro for extended maintenance and certification.

Developers and professionals can build and scale systems for use in aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, defense, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, database, web server, robotics, blockchain and more.

To download the ISO image, visit

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