GNOME, curl, LLVM Update in Tumbleweed

31. Mar 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GNOME, curl, LLVM Update in Tumbleweed

This week in openSUSE Tumbleweed had both enormous and single-package snapshots.

A new GNOME, compiler tools and music player updates arrived this week along with a ton of other packages.

Snapshot 20230329 provided an update of Mesa 23.0.1, which fixed some bugs from its major release. Sandboxing tool for Flatpak and similar projects had an update; bubblewrap 0.8.0 added a --disable-userns option to prevent the sandbox from creating its own nested user namespace. Fixes for recent GLibs warnings were made in the libostree 2023.2 update. A 1.3 release of fwupd-efi had a few fixes for arm devices and fixed a regression.

A few packages arrived in snapshot 20230328. The XFS utilities package xfsprogs was among the updates. The 6.2.0 version now has a command that can now retrieve the UUID of mounted filesystems and has a fix for broken realtime free block unit conversions. A major version of the compiler and toolchain LLVM brought Clang compiler tools. One of those tools is used to detect locally available GPUs by the Clang OpenMP driver. Another standalone tool determines which headers are used by using existing functionality in clangd. File-synchronization tool unison 2.53.2 improves stopping of update propagation, and fuse3 3.14.1, which is the Interface for userspace programs to export a filesystem to the Linux kernel, no longer has flags available that were introduced in 3.14, but will likely be reintroduced in the next release. updated to version. A few other packages were updated in the snapshot.

The snapshot with the single-package update was 20230327. That single package was transactional-update 4.1.5. This package, which provides updates for Linux operating systems in a transactional way, adds support for configuration of file snippets.

The snapshot from the day prior wasn’t much bigger. Snapshot 20230326 updated two packages. One GNOME package received its second update this week; gnome-music updated from its release candidate, which arrived in snapshot 20230324, to version 44. The music application for GNOME users made a small change with the appdata for the 44.0 release. Another of the project’s packages that was updated was gobject-introspection 1.76.1. This package updated documentation and the handle null default values.

A major update of xwayland 23.1.0 took care of some regressions in snapshot 20230325; it also improved rootful mode for using Xwayland as a nested Xserver. An update of php 8.1.17 fixed some incorrect check conditions and a memory leak. The libstorage-ng package had some cleanup and propagated the failure of the snapper installation-helper with the 4.5.87 update. There were a couple time zone packages updated in the snapshot related to changes surrounding daylight savings. Egypt now uses daylight savings again and Morocco will move the clocks forward April 23 rather than April 30. KDE music player amarok fixed a crash and added support for ffmpeg 5.0 with a minor version bump. A 4.18.0 samba update provided Server Message Block performance improvements and a new wbinfo --change-secret-at option. A few other packages updated in the snapshot.

Snapshot 20230324 was enormous in size. GNOME 44 was released in this snapshot and the Kuala Lumpur code-name release didn’t disappoint. A new grid view is available with the use of GTK4. However, some appy may still use the previous version. The Device Security that was introduced in the previous version gains a new status view as either “Checks Failed”, “Checks Passed”, or “Protected”. The accessibility setting had a redesign and the sound setting gained a number of polish improvements. Another new major version in the snapshot was curl 8.0.1. It fixed a crash, added Fortran bindings and took care of more than a few Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. One of those was CVE-2023-27538 that reuses a previously created connection even when an ssh related option had been changed, which should have prohibited reuse. Several regressions in the handling of GFileInfo attributes were made with the glib2 2.76.1 update. An update of ImageMagick reverted some changes due to file conflicts and the version build aids with AVX2 and enables the hwcaps library for x86-64-v3 so try a zypper inr if you have v3 hardware. LibreOffice reverted some patches and had a harfbuzz text shaping fix. Several other packages updated in the snapshot including GTK3 3.24.37, gvfs 1.50.4, sqlite 3.41.2, webkit2gtk3 2.40.0 and many more.

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