Frameworks, Shotwell, systemd update in Tumbleweed

14. Apr 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Frameworks, Shotwell, systemd update in Tumbleweed

Six openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots have been released since last Friday updating some GNOME applications, KDE’s Frameworks, the LLVM compiler and several other packages.

The rolling release updated several new and some older software packages.

GNOME webcam application cheese updated from version 43.0 to 44.0 in snapshot 20230412. The photo and video program updates translations and avoids creating duplicate camera devices, which was related to GStreamer emitting a call. GNOME’s widow manager Mutter 44 had some changes to make it more resilient and avoid a type of crash on gnome-shell. An update of the development library SDL2 2.26.5 fixed a crash on Linux Kernel if dbus can’t be initialized. It also added mapping for the DualSense Edge Wireless Controller on Linux. An update of apache2 2.4.57 and its subpackages fixed regressions introduced in the previous version. An updated version of yast2-storage-ng 4.6.5 adjusted detection of Dell BOSS devices. AV1 encoder rav1e 0.6.4+0 had the most changes of all the packages that arrived in the snapshot. The package enables AVX2 12-bit Inverse Transform x86 assembly as well as a new SSE4.1 HBD Inverse Transform x86 assembly.

An update of hxtools and Japanese Dictionary edict each had a matching 20230411 version, which also matched the 20230411 snapshot. While hxtools removed an option and changed an option behavior, edict had no changelog recorded. The lightweight directory access protocol 389-ds updated to a 2.3.2 version update. The package added tests for WebUI, fixed a memory leak and applied upstream fix for setuptools. An update of user-level packet capture package libpcap 1.10.4 fixed the name of the launch daemon service. An update of gnutls 3.8.0 took care of CVE-2023-0361. The vulnerability for the Transport Layer Security library could have allowed for a side-channel to be sufficient enough to recover the key encrypted RSA ciphertext. There was also an update of the keyring with Seven translation were updated with a newer version of yast2-trans and dracut removed a mkinitrd wrapper.

The 20230410 snapshot updated just two packages. GNOME personal photo manager application shotwell updated to version 0.31.90. The new version fixed issues with images that continuously shifted by a time zone offset and it fixed issues with unset exposure times. The photo manager also enabled face recognition. The other package to update was the video driver package xf86-video-savage; the 2.4.0 version had a small change that improves support for building with Xorg 1.19 and later.

KDE Frameworks 5.105.0 updated in snapshot 20230409. The 5.105.0 version that has addon libraries to Qt had some minor indentation fixes for the text editor KTextEditor. The Breeze Icons added some missing semi-transparency and a new breeze-dark representation for Redshift icons. Kirigami, which is used for computers, phones, TVs and other devices, fixed a header with invisible content that was taking up space and adjusted the default page categorized settings. An update of the audio- and video-handling package pipewire 0.3.68 adds a new Real-Time Transport Protocol session module and adds a new runtime debug property for streams and nodes to trigger a save of raw samples to a wav file. Music player amarok had a small adjustment and several translations were made with the manpages-l10n 4.18.0 update.

The compiler and toolchain package llvm16 had its first minor release of the version in snapshot 20230408. The 16.0.1 added a rebase patch and some bug fixes for the major release. An update of libreoffice fixed seven bugs. One of those returned the heading style label that vanished in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean interfaces. Another heading navigator that caused Writer to crash was fixed. Other packages to update in the snapshot were ibus-table 1.17.0, yast2-packager 4.6.1 and yast2-ruby-bindings 4.6.2.

The snapshot from last Friday, 20230407, was small, but it updated systemd to version 253.3. Fixes that are not part of the stable release were merged for this snapshot release like a github workflow concerning release tags. The updated version also merged tag ‘v253.3’ into SUSE/v253 and had a continuous integration action related to mkosi dependencies. An update of libstorage-ng 4.5.95 disabled some NVMe detection and added a GitHub action using Fedora. GNU Compiler Collection 13 had some small enablements and added cross-bpf packages.

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