Project’s Community Conference to Begin Friday

23. May 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Project’s Community Conference to Begin Friday

This year’s openSUSE Conference starts in about 72 hours and open-source enthusiasts, contributors and supporters are making their way to Nuremberg, Germany, for a collaborative community event.

Talks begin on May 26 at 9:30 a.m. Central European Time and the event will be streamed by c3voc; the stream link will be posted on before the event begins. The schedule lists plenty of talks ranging from an introduction to the Geeko Foundation to an introduction of the service-based Linux installer Agama.

Talks will take place in two presentation rooms at the event and are labeled on the schedule as Saal and Galerie. Stream viewers can ask questions to the presenters during the event via two Telegram channels that correspond with the room where the presentation is being held. Questions for talks in Saal should be asked in the Telegram channel and questions for talks in Galerie should be asked in the Telegram channel. Questions may be presented to the speakers as time allows.

There are other online event interactions as well. From a Fedora Hatch event to a Kubernetes workshop, attendees are being reminded to incorporate events with people attending the conference virtually. Like the Telegram channels for talks, those giving workshops are encouraged to incorporate a Jitsi room corresponding to where their workshop is taking place. Workshops on the schedule listed in Seminar Raum 1 will have a dedicated virtual room and Seminar Raum 2 will have a dedicated virtual room

Members of the community are also looking for help during and after the conference. The video team needs help during the conference. The team at the physical location really needs help as the video recording, editing, and streaming can be demanding if not enough people are willing to help. The video team will be meeting at 9:00 a.m. in Saal on May 26, so please join and help the team with our online viewership and recorded videos.

There are also several other areas the openSUSE community can use help with. A list of those items can be found at Consider helping out as the project can use some help in quite a few areas.

The openSUSE Project’s annual openSUSE community event brings people from around the world together to meet, collaborate and learn. With organized talks, workshops and meetup sessions, openSUSE Conference 2023 provides a framework for communities to enhance and improve open-source technologies and shared projects.

The project thanks our sponsors for the great support. This year’s sponsors are SUSE, arm, The Geeko Foundation, Fedora, Linux Pro Magazine and FOSSLife.

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