Mesa, systemd, Gear, Frameworks update in Tumbleweed

15. Jun 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Mesa, systemd, Gear, Frameworks update in Tumbleweed

Frequent snapshots of openSUSE’s rolling release Tumbleweed brought KDE enthusiasts freshly made software this week.

KDE Gear and KDE Frameworks were released in two of the past four snapshots.

The 20230613 snapshot had a little something for Xfce users as well. Panel layouts were updated in the xfce4-panel-profiles update; the 1.0.14 version fixed the files list and permissions of installed files. The package also added some missing translatable flags as well as provided some filename consistency. The Linux Kernel updated in the snapshot; kernel-source 6.3.7 fixed a possible memory leak had some enhancements for Transmission Control Protocol. The kernel also fixed an unused variable warning with RISC-V. In the perl-Image-ExifTool version 12.63 update, support was added for reading 7z files and warnings for certain scenarios were made. An update of libzypp 17.31.13 and the free implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm package fribidi 1.0.13 was also updated in the snapsthor.

Snapshot 20230612 brought an update of 3D Graphics Library Mesa; there was a removal of the meson option -Ddri-drivers with the 23.1.2 version update since it is no longer used, and Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (VDPAU) functionality will no longer be available for Radeon R300 graphics cards.An update of systemd 253.5 took a new approach to trigger re-execution for user managers on package updates that is safer and less problematic than the previous systemctl --user -M 1000@ daemon-reexec command. KDE Frameworks 5.107.0 updated in the snapshot. There was a deprecation of KIO access manager and related classes. The package also enables thumbnail caching if the thumbnail directory is on an encrypted volume. An update of Kirigami disables shortcuts for invisible and disables text fields in the ActionTextField and it improves the painting of icons in the documentation. The reliability and correctness of image processing and conversion was made with changes to KImageFormats’ as part of the Frameworks update. An update of Mozilla Firefox 114.0.1 introduced a User Interface for managing DNS over a HTTPS exception list and Linux can now use web-standard support for USB with FIDO2’s WebAuthn. An update of AppArmor 3.1.5 had a fix for handling mount rules, removed a patch and prevented a warning about a non-existing directory when loading profiles in Tumbleweed builds. Several other packages update in the snapshot including zchunk 1.3.1, hwdata 0.371, xwayland 23.1.2 and several others.

KDE Gear 23.04.2 arrived in Tumbleweed less than 48 hours after its release. Snapshot 20230610 delivered this and kitinerary was one of the packages up update; it provided enhancements to travel document parsing and extraction capabilities for Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian railway tickets. The travel reservation package expanded support for various document types and improved data accuracy and reliability. The update of video editor Kdenlive provided a freeze fix, some performance optimizations, a minor UI improvement and had some changes for a smoother editing experience like fixing the dragging of a clip on the time that caused an out of view scroll. Gear’s Messagelib packagehad email handling improvements that fixed a crash when switching emails. There were a few other packages to update in the snapshot as well. Runtime Compiler orc 0.4.34 had some continuous integration improvements and fixed a compiler warning. An update of Perl 5.36.1 addressed a bug in a regular expression code that could trigger an interpreter to panic. A few other packages updated in the snapshot.

An update of gtk4 in snapshot 20230608 to version 4.10.4 addressed some memory leaks and made a fix to avoid some black flickering with xwayland. There was a release of kdump that helps to fix the prefix for ALP as well as adds calibrated values for this future distribution. An update of python-setuptools 67.8.0 had a modification to ensure that the .pth file properly updates and the package also had tests to ensure virtualenv works in Python 3.12. A few other package like postfix 3.8.1, yast2-storage-ng 4.6.11, and vte 0.72.2 also updated in the snapshot.

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