Kdump, firewalld update in Tumbleweed

30. Jun 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Kdump, firewalld update in Tumbleweed

This week’s openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots are rolling out at a steady pace.

The snapshots were not large, but consistent.

Snapshot 20230628 provided a few small changes that focused on removing some obsolete mechanisms and cleaned up some aspects to help with the future direction of Python.

Snapshot 20230627 was one of the bigger snapshots this week and it provided updates for gegl, kdump pipewire, strace and much more. The graphics package gegl brought version 0.4.46. The package provides some bug fixes and performance improvements and it re-enabled a deprecation warning. The kernel-crash dumping package kdump updated to version 1.9.2; this had enhancements like a rewrite of kdump-save and updates for other parts to ensure mounts are now entirely handled by dracut. An update of audio-compression package flac 1.4.3 improved the encoder speed for all presets, and it made significant improvements for the fastest presets as well as 24-bit and 32-bit inputs. Multimedia framework pipewire 0.3.72 fixed a critical bug that refused to update JACK clients, and there were some audio enhancements for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture. Strace 6.4 and perl-Bootloader 1.4 were among several other packages updated in the snapshot.

The only package updated in snapshot 20230626 was low-level signal processing library spandsp; the updated 3.0.0 git + version had some modifications aimed at mitigating concerns related to buffer overflows, memory corruption, and other potential issues that could arise from excessive data copying into an output buffer.

The 20230625 snapshot updated two packages. New major version firewalld 2.0 gained support for nftables flowtable, which is expected to accelerate Transmission Control Protocol and User Datagram Protocol flows. The major version also gained a new feature called Zone Priorities, which allows the user to control the order in which packets are classified into zones; it can be set using command line option --set-priority. The other package to update in the snapshot was sssd 2.9.1. This identity management client fixed a couple regressions to include one that affected lookups for kernel-based automounter autofs when cache_first is set to true.

Mesa and the Linux Kernel were updated in snapshot 20230625, but LibVNCServer 0.9.14 had several changes to highlight. The package fixed some Transport Layer Security interoperability with GnuTLS servers, removed a CVE-2020-29260 patch and added support for qemu extended key events. Mesa’s 23.1.3 update fixed a regression related to boo#1209005 that caused a crash in some instances. An update of the kernel-source to version 6.3.9 addressed an issue related to x86 architecture where a switch is performed immediately after installing a new Global Descriptor Table (GDT). A change was also made in the wireless networking subsystem related to regulatory wireless device channel validation. Another package to update in the snapshot was sendmail 8.17.2. The package improved error handling for TLS setup failures, introduces various improvements related to Email Address Internationalization support and improves security by maintaining DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities requirements. Several other packages updated in the snapshot.

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