Innovation Marathon Hack Week Set for November

11. Oct 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Innovation Marathon Hack Week Set for November

Hack Week 23 is set to blaze a trail of innovation this November.

This annual tradition started in 2007, this annual tradition, which somehow made up the difference for the number of the event to now, mirrors the year; it brings together SUSE employees, openSUSE contributors and open-source developers and enthusiasts from around the globe together for a week of uninterrupted experimentation and boundary-pushing.

This year’s Hack Week is scheduled from Nov. 6 to 10 and participants are gearing up to harness their collective creativity to innovate, contribute and expand the open-source landscape.

SUSE employees step out of their regular roles to embark on a week-long journey of collaboration, innovation and socialization. This year’s Hack Week promises to be a dynamic convergence of talent, expertise, and passion, as hackers collaborate across teams and continents to push boundaries of technology.

Hack Week is more than just a coding marathon; it’s a testament to SUSE’s commitment to nurturing open-source collaboration across the globe. Participants bring a diverse set of skills, knowledge, passion and perspectives to build and develop something new; this fosters an environment where creative ideas flourish and solutions take shape.

Past Hack Weeks having produced groundbreaking advancements and disruptive innovations. A few to mention are openQA, Aeon (formally known as MicroOS’ GNOME Desktop) and Weblate, which is used by openSUSE for translations.

While the global open-source community eagerly anticipates the commencement of Hack Week 23, individuals are already gearing up by compiling lists of projects they intend to undertake or contribute to.

Stay tuned to SUSE’s official communications channels and social media platforms for updates, announcements, and a front-row seat to the action as Hack Week 23 takes center stage this November.

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