GNOME, Gear, Pipewire update in Tumbleweed

19. Oct 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GNOME, Gear, Pipewire update in Tumbleweed

Snapshots of openSUSE Tumbleweed this week ranged from small- to medium-sized updates.

Snapshots are rolling out consistently this week and updates for GNOME, KDE Gear, PipeWire and more have all been making it into the hands of rolling release users.

While a few GNOME packages, arrived this week, snapshot 20231017 updates just one. The Japanese logo game gnome-sudoku updates to version 45.1 and it fixes a right-click to correctly open the earmark popover while also updating translations. An update of the ncurses 6.4.20231007 improves the loop limit for get_position(), enhancements a manual description and fixes for formatting issues with manpages. The package also enhances ` setupterm use and improves error messages in tic`. Another package to update was nodejs20 20.8.1 that addresses severalCommon Vulnerabilities and Exposures. CVE-2023-44487, CVE-2023-45143 and CVE-2023-39333, which was susceptible to a WebAssembly module that could inject JavaScript code, were among the six CVE that were addressed. The terminal emulator xterm 387 update includes the addition of some control sequences and corrects indexing expressions. The package also made memory usage configurable for buffering Device Control Strings and Operating System Command strings. A few other packages were updated in the snapshot.

More GNOME packages were updated in snapshot 20231016. Those packages include mutter 45.0+45, which has fixes related to blob size and stack overflow, gnome-photos 44.0+23, which includes the addition of mnemonics in photos-embed, and gnome-user-share 43.0+11, which fixes the bug-database value to point to GNOME GitLab Issues and ensure more accurate bug tracking. Another package to update in the snapshot was zchunk 1.3.2. The compressed file format package improves the handling overflow errors in malformed zchunk files to prevent potential crashes or unexpected behavior. The update of python-qt5 5.15.10 includes the addition of missing QEvent to improve compatibility with Qt versions 5.2 and later. The package also now requires python-qt5-sip v12.13, which was also made available in the update. A few other packages were updated in the snapshot.

Just two packages were updated in snapshot 20231015. The package for manipulating block devices, libblockdev updates to version 3.0.4. Improvements like the use of g_autofree for memory management, corrected descriptions and reworked memory allocation became available to users who did a zypper dup during or after this snapshot. A package also made some adjustments to spec files and logging settings for better functionality and maintainability. The python-cffi 1.16.0 version cleans up its spec file. This Python for calling C code includes support for Python 3.12 and notes that projects using C Foreign Function Interface features dependent on distutils should add a dependency on setuptools for Python 3.12 and above. The package drops support for older Python versions like 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7. The package update reflects a focus on Python 3.8 and newer versions.

The snapshot from last Friday, snapshot 20231013, updates the font rendering package freetype2 to version 2.13.2. The package includes better support for Compact Font Format 2 variation fonts and removes the TrueType interpreter version 38. The package also brings improved support for OpenVMS. An update of pipewire 0.3.81 addresses sound-related issues and ensures that pro-audio functions produce sound correctly. The package now requires Vulkan 1.3 and enables jackdbus support by default. There is improved Advanced Linux Sound Architecture scheduling and support for old and new versions of webrtc-audio-processing. Along with the pipewire update, the 0.4.15 version of wireplumber arrives in the snapshot. This policy manager includes the addition of a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) policy module, which automatically loads a filter-chain for specific hardware devices, ensures audio passes through software DSP, particularly to support Apple M1/M2 devices. Wireplumber now supports loading module arguments directly and improves the device profile selection policies. An update of samba took care of a handful of CVEs and microos-tools receives a 2.21+git5 update that includes setting mount propagations properly and adds a spec file. Along with widget abstraction library libyui 4.6.1, several other Libyui packages updated in the snapshot. With it and the others, the Qt Package Manager now provides the option to display a patterns order column and shows invisible patterns when corresponding environment variables are set. A few qt6 subpackages were also updated in the snapshot.

One of the snapshots that didn’t make it into last week’s Tumbleweed review was 20231012. This snapshot had two yast2 packages, yast2-country and yast2-x11, upgrade from a 4.6 version to the 5.0.1 version. Another openSUSE package to update in the snapshot was zypper. This 1.14.66 package manager version has updates to include returning exit code 104 when information suggests near matches, rephrases upgrade messages for openSUSE Tumbleweed and fixes some typos and spelling errors. KDE Gear 23.08.2 also updates in this snapshot. Video editor Kdenlive resolves some erratic behavior when adding transitions to clips that ensures clips with audio don’t block sound on video tracks. The package also optimizes RAM usage for better performance. With Kitinerary there are enhancements for handling newer UK railway PDF tickets to extracting multi-leg PDF tickets. The package also gains the ability to merge international Renfe results and streamline ticket handling and management. Compression and decompression utility Ark drops an unused dependency and adds a missing KWindowSystem dependency.

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