Message from the openSUSE Board

19. Oct 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Message from the openSUSE Board

This is a short message from the openSUSE Board that we are posting on our communication channels and is a reminder that we ask each and every one of you to be kind, considerate and welcoming to people on all our communication channels.

Let’s foster a positive atmosphere for people on all of our communication channels.

Our channels are a wonderful place for collaboration, but also remember that open-source is not about telling others what or how to build.

How we communicate can benefit and/or hinder our community. Please do your part to always be welcoming, kind, mindful and respectful to one another, so that we can all help each other build a healthy community. The way we communicate can help us create a friendly environment for all.

Also, we’d like to refer to our Code of Conduct.

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