Firefox, hiredis, Strace updates in Tumbleweed

3. Nov 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Firefox, hiredis, Strace updates in Tumbleweed

Snapshots of openSUSE Tumbleweed this week have been frequent with a fair amount of software packages arriving in each snapshot..

Among some of the packages to update this week were Vim, libsoup, libzypp, strace and more.

A cool 13 packages arrived in snapshot 20231101. An update of dracut was among those that arrived. The initial ramdisk tool addresses issues related to PKCS11, dracut’s version handling, Bash compatibility, network device naming and more. An update of gnome-text-editor 45.1 improves proper entity tags for comparing documents after a “Save As” operation. The package also fixes row styling in preferences and addresses a memory leak issue with GtkNativeDialog. An update of hxtools 20231101 makes changes such as adding compression .zst suffix support for the qtar tool to eliminate unnecessary lines in spec files. An update of poppler 23.10.0 makes several core improvements like updating type 3 fonts for Cairo 1.18’s Application Programming Interface and fixes a crash issue with malformed files. The build system enhancements make certain dependencies soft-mandatory and adds support for more gpg releases. Updates of yast2-trans, selinux-policy 20231030, gpgme 1.23.1 and more arrived in the snapshot.

The Halloween snapshot wasn’t too scary with a large amount of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures being crushed in snapshot 20231031. With the 10 updated software packages, Mozilla Firefox 119.0 addresses a significant amount of CVEs. Solving CVE-2023-5721 was significant as the fix prevents a click-jacking attack, which could trick users into unintentionally interacting with browser prompts and dialogs by improving the activation delay. The release includes fixes for cross-origin size and header leakage, cookie character issues and takes care of 10 other CVEs. The browser also requires Mozilla Network Security Services (Mozilla NSS) 3.94 for its functionality, which arrived in snapshot 20231029. Plasma users should know that KDE integration has been reactivated with updated patches for improved compatibility. The gnu-unifont-fonts 15.1.04 update includes larger supersets of Plane 2 and Plane 3 glyphs in both the default and Japanese versions of the font. Notable changes in the ncurses 6.4.20231021 in the update include the use of oldxterm+sm+1006 in virtual terminal emulator-2014, default configuration changes for “opaque” and “widec” options, and the package has some minor cleanup of the compiler and manpage warnings. The command-line tool qpdf updates to version 11.6.3 and includes tweaks to improve handling of files between 2 GB and 4 GB in size. The tool also has a fix for a data loss bug that could discard characters after escaped octal strings with fewer than three digits. The bug was introduced in qpdf between versions 10.6.3 and 11.0.0. The 6.6 version of the diagnostic, debugging and instructional userspace package strace introduces a new --kill-on-exit option, which sets PTRACE_O_EXITKILL to all tracee processes and prevents them from running after the tracer exits. This option is automatically activated when using -seccomp-bpf without the -p/--attach option. There were also several new syscall decodings and constant updates have been implemented in this release. Thunar 4.18.8 improves the file manager to allow it to guess the correct display to use and fixies critical issues related to unset GNOME Input/Output (GIO) attributes. Shadow 4.14.2 and a few other packages updated in the snapshot.

The 20231030 snapshot introduces support for GL_EXT_texture_shadow_lod and GL_NV_displacement_micromap extensions with the glslang 13.1.1 update. The package also adds a new --no-link option and removes a previously merged patch related toCMake and resource limits. The hiredis 1.2.0 package, which is a C library that provides a minimalistic and easy-to-use client for the Redis database, includes the addition of various features for the sdevent adapter, the ability to specify the keepalive interval and a RedisModule adapter. The package also provides a helper for setting the TCP_USER_TIMEOUT socket option and includes bug fixes for improved stability and functionality. The vulkan-loader update introduces the addition of the VK_LOADER_LAYERS_ALLOW environment variable and includes support for the Debug extension in the test layer; the changes enhance the Vulkan loader’s functionality for managing layers and extensions in Vulkan applications. The vulkan-tools was the last package to update in the snapshot and enhances the capabilities of the Vulkan tools for graphics and compute applications.

The 20231029 snapshot had a fair amount of packages updates. The glib2 2.78.1 package addresses various bug fixes and improvements. It fixes the file truncation issues with ` g_file_set_contents_full()` , resolves build errors and ensures proper file handling. The package also includes enhancements like preserving microseconds for access/modify times. The open-source HTTP client/server library libsoup 3.4.4 brings improvements in HTTP/2 performance, particularly when there is significant buffering. The package adds support for building the libnghttp2 implementation as a subproject, which enhances the capabilities of the library for handling HTTP requests and responses. The second update of the week for libstorage-ng updates the package to version 4.5.155. This update includes changes like merging a specific GitHub issue and extends the testsuite. The update mozilla-nss 3.94 updates prepares the Tumbleweed release for a later update and improves handling string literals, and other adjustments to improve the library’s functionality and security. The update of php8 8.2.12 addresses issues like memory leaks, type errors, and segfaults in the core components. The update also enhances performance, exception handling and content detection in various PHP modules and functions. The vim 9.0.2078 update includes numerous bug fixes and improvements. The text editor addresses issues related to type aliases, Vim9 support, text change triggers and more. The package enhances security measures, improves file recognition and resolves various document-related issues in the snapshot. Other package updates were also in the snapshot and the xfconf version was downgraded to version 4.18.1, which was upgraded to version 4.18.2 a day earlier in snapshot 20231028.

Snapshot 20231028 updates the Linux Kernel. The 6.5.0 kernel-source version bringing improvements such as Bluetooth enhancements and fixes related to ice, KVM, and x86. Advanced Linux Sound Architecture codecs wcd938x also received updates to address runtime Package Manager imbalances and resource leaks. The libstorage-ng 4.5.154 update enhances error reporting in SystemCmd, adds test cases and makes more use of the new SystemCmd interface, along with other minor enhancements and fixes. An issue with the timer library was resolved with thelibzypp 17.31.23 update. An update of openssl 3.1.4 fixes key and IV resizing issues and improves cryptography performance. The xfconf package for the Xfce desktop environment updates to version 4.18.2 and brings various enhancements that were downgraded in the following snapshot.

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