Gear, Frameworks, Kernel updates in Tumbleweed

16. Nov 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Gear, Frameworks, Kernel updates in Tumbleweed

A large amount of software updates made it into openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots this week.

Most snapshots came with several new versions for those who used their command line to zypper dup.

While snapshot 20231114 was as enormous as snapshots starting off the week, there were a significant amount of software updates. The open-source client for Enterprise Identity Management sssd updates to version 2.9.3. This update empowers the proxy provider to handle certificate mapping and matching rules. Users managed by the proxy provider can now be configured for local Smartcard authentication, which improves authentication options. An update of xterm 388 enhances the disallowPasteControls function by adding a category for special characters known to stty. The new version also includes the updating of config.guess and config.sub. Improved messages in the configure script were made with the ncurses 6.4.20231111 update, and it had a patch that modified the reset command to avoid altering clocal when the terminal employs a modem. Color management package argyllcms updates to 3.0.2 fixes a typo in a module that affected retail i1D3 functionality and fixes crashes with the device link profiles and an update of libstorage-ng 4.5.156 merges a specific GitHub issue and extends the testsuite. Several RubyGems updated in the snapshot. There was an arm image 20231114 snapshot that updates for packages released from earlier in the week. Linux Kernel 6.6.1 and both KDE Frameworks 5.112.0 and KDE Gear 23.08.3 became available for the arm rolling release’s contributors and users.

Frameworks 5.112.0 was released for other architectures in snapshot 20231113. An update of NetworkManagerQt fixed an incorrect signal signature, removed an inaccurate comment and adjusted event listening to accommodate both DBus service registration events and interface added events. There was a replacement of slow with fsType in naming conventions for KIO and KConfig made adjustments in kconfigwatcher to avoid asserting absolute paths and had modifications in dbussanitizer preventing trailing slashes; the update enhances security measures by preventing attempts to send or receive DBus notifications on absolute paths. The ffmpeg-6 6.0.1 version make improvements to AVCodecs, AVformat, and AVfilters a patch was dropped as it was resolved upstream. Mozilla Firefox 119.0.1 had critical bugs affecting HTML elements’ functionality and resolves issues related to color application. The 23.2 version of python311-packaging had changes to parsing markers and improves support for enriched metadata, documentation updates and addressing vulnerabilities by updating the pip. The 41.0.5 version of python-cryptography focuses on enhancements and adjustments related to its integration with OpenSSL. This update has a new function to support an upcoming release of pyOpenSSL. An update of createrepo_c 1.0.2 made changes that prevent building without zstd and removes the dependency on libmagic. An update of the mail transfer agent (MTA) for email handling, postfix, updated to version 3.8.3. The package update addresses a defect in the Postfix SMTP server related to client certificate verification errors in TLS wrapper mode. The update also resolves syntax errors in the update_postmaps script and adjusts permissions caused by config.postfix. Several other packages were updated in the snapshot.

While KDE Gear 23.08.3 was later updated in the 20231114 arm image, it was released in snapshot 20231110. The Ark compression/decompression utility n resolves some file format issues and MIME type handling. It also has fixes related to opening AppImage files, checks using outdated ISO mimetypes, and adjusted hardcoded bzip2 mimetypes in tests for greater flexibility. Dolphin made updates reflecting the relocation of KActivities from Frameworks to Plasma. The modifications contribute to improved functionality and alignment within the file manager. There were an enormous amount of changes with Kdenlive in the Gear update. The update fixes timeremap, ensures proper audio handling during clip replacement, addresses project duration inaccuracies, prevents subtitle styling losses, enhances rendering and improves keyframe handling and clip resizing functionalities. Linux Kernel 6.6.1 arrived in the snapshot also before the arm image snapshot and it had bug fixes for several driver modules and compatibility enhancements for specific hardware devices to include adjustments for serial, USB, Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, Bluetooth, and more. An update of gimp 2.10.36 includes support for ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) and ACB (Adobe Color Book) palettes and a new gradient option. This is enhanced support for non-square ratio GIFs and an improved text tool formatting behavior. An update of postgresql16 16.1 adds support for LLVM 16 and 17. It also had some security fixes including handling unknown-type arguments and preventing an integer overflow when computing new array dimensions. Update of binutils 2.41, gawk 5.3.0 and more arrived in the snapshot.

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