Improvements arrive for Download Redirector

14. Mar 2024 | Andrii Nikitin | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Improvements arrive for Download Redirector

The Download Redirector received a few minor quality of life improvements, which are discussed below.


The main menu on the downloads site now has a Projects item. This table defines how additional statistics are gathered and visible in various reports, such as the mirrors report and downloads report.

Mirror propagation

Timing of mirror propagation is collected for the projects mentioned above. To access it, click on the corresponding project in the table mentioned earlier, e.g. Tumbleweed ISO. The view will show the discovery of usable mirrors over time.

Furthermore, clicking on the value in column ‘version’ will show detailed information about when the update was discovered on a specific mirror, e.g. Version 20240310.

Slowroll on the mirrors report

Slowroll was added as projects: ISO and repo, so it is now visible on mirrors report. Mirror propagation will be collected as well.

sypper: a tool for downloading packages

As part of benchmarking and prototyping for mirror infrastructure, a new tool was developed, sypper. While its intended purpose is a little bit different, it can be used for pre-downloading packages for zypper. Benchmarking shows that it downloads 4-5 times faster by using concurrent downloads and skipping some advanced checks, which zypper does. So check the readme if you want to experiment with the download speed.


For eventual feedback, please open an issue in corresponding github projects or use any openSUSE heroes channel.

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