openSUSE Factory enabled bit-by-bit reproducible builds

18. Apr 2024 | Jan Zerebecki | CC-BY-SA-4.0

openSUSE Factory enabled bit-by-bit reproducible builds

In March, the configuration for building openSUSE Factory was changed to be bit-by-bit reproducible (except for the embedded signature). Following this, the first openSUSE Tumbleweed packages were verified to be bit-by-bit reproducible.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen. This was an important improvement.

It will take some time to do this verification for all packages to see how many of our packages are reproducible to this detail. Previous verifications, while ignoring some differences that this fixed, succeeded for more than 95 percent of packages.


The effort on reproducible builds is a collaboration across many distributions. See how to contribute to reproducible builds in openSUSE.


Reproducible builds have a multitude of uses for security and quality. To further enhance their utility, reproducible builds need to be combined with other techniques such as distributed post-merge code review and capability based designs.

A recent example is that reproducible builds allow for the creation of proof, simply by rebuilding and comparing the result, that a GCC build whose source was extracted with a compromised xz was not compromised; this process was achieved without needing to reverse engineer how the compromise occurred. Similarly, reproducible builds were reported as being usefully during investigations of the xz compromise.

reproducible builds enable collaboration that otherwise would not be possible by supporting more scientifically-based arguments for security, which can be independently verified.

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