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Quickies: Goldmaster, oS 10.3 RC 1 Report, Bug Reporter Statistics, Reinforced Linux Drivers Project

September 29th, 2007 by

openSUSE 10.3 has been declared Gold and will now be uploaded to the mirrors and available for download on October 4th – the boxed version can be pre-ordered for delivery shortly after. tuxmachines.org has a late report on openSUSE 10.3 RC 1 with lots of new screenshots. Francis has created statistics about the openSUSE 10.3 bug reporters – half of the bug reports were done by non-Novell community members. Novell is now putting more resources into the Linux Driver Project which offers to write drivers for companies, for free. Because this program also offers a business law certificate, participants have diverse options for https://resume-chief.com resume writing service implementing the knowledge they obtain from their studies

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42 Responses to “Quickies: Goldmaster, oS 10.3 RC 1 Report, Bug Reporter Statistics, Reinforced Linux Drivers Project”

  1. Mike

    I can’t wait until 4th, doing refresh on site every half hour seeking for any news :) 10.3 looks so excellent. Greetings for you guys, your work is awesome.

  2. ra100

    I trust that bug 299882 is solved in GM.
    By the way,can we see statistics about all reporters?

  3. Hi Guys!

    Thankyou for doing and working this new 10.3, I just love openSUSE! Just wanna say thankyou!

  4. Hossein

    I really don’t know what to say, just thank you, thank you and thank you more. I have LIVED with 10.2 and I’m looking forward to make my life even better with 10.3. Most important of all, you bring all these to us not only for free but as open source.
    Thank you again.


  5. Darkelve

    Yes, thank you in advance for what looks to be the greatest version of SUSE yet ^^

  6. I have waited a long time for this. I have a Toshiba Qosmio laptop and 10.2 ran well on it, except for some minor opengl driver issues. I can’t wait for the upgrade. Hope the drivers are better, and sounds like they will be.

  7. zxjay



  8. jackie

    I’m waiting a long time for the release version! ThinkpadT60+compiz0.5.4+Thinkfinger0.3.3+opensuse10.3!!!!

  9. Osw Cab

    I’ve been using 10.3 since beta 1 and I have to say things are much better with each new release. I hope the final edition to correct some problems with VirtualBox 1.5. Thanks a lot to the OpenSuse team for another great release!

  10. thinkpad x61

    thank you :]
    greetings from japan!

  11. lukasz

    I found link to GM version’s

    • warper

      Do we know if these are the true files? I would dl the delta’s but would hate to find out they were not the real thing.

  12. I have tried most of the major distributions, – for me openSUSE is by far the best one. And it’s getting better and better. Thank you all!

  13. Running 10.3 RC1 right now; THANK YOU, opensuse-friends. Ever since SuSE 9.0 I’ve had no need for any other operating system, nor redmond-based software, though being a professional user. Keep on the good work.

  14. ceh201

    Thanks openSUSE Team!

    Every year I look forward to upgrading to the newest SUSE Linux… since version 6.0.

  15. Ralph Martin

    Definitely, open SUSE is the best Linux distribution I’ve ever tried and have decided to stick with it, but like Carlos from Portugal said, open SUSE just need aggressive marketing to spread open SUSE all over the world this community will be the number one.

  16. Thanks opensuse :)
    waiting 10.3

  17. G Rajesh

    Running RC1 now. It seems, zypper still does not keep the downloaded packages in the HD! It is one of the features, desperately needed for people having more than one systems and aspiring to save downloading bandwidth.
    Hope it is implemented soon. Otherwise, OS10.3 is simply great!!

  18. i can’t wait until Oct, 4.
    Thanx OpenSuse 4 ur hardwork.

  19. yasser202

    thanks all to this hard work
    happy news
    waiting for 4 October

  20. x-rat

    Thanks for all OpenSuse developer
    Great OS..
    can’t wait oct 4 :)



  21. upgrader

    Two years ago I bought the boxed version of Suse10.0 (before that I bought Suse9.2). I ran into problem when trying to upgrade from 9.2 to 10.0.

    My questions is wether it is possible to upgrade my Suse10.0 to OpenSuse10.3 easily and if I have to face serious difficulties when doing so.

    • Beineri

      Only the direct upgrade from one version to the next is well tested, with 9.2 to 10.0 or even 10.0 to 10.3 I would expect some trouble.

  22. upgrader

    Then I will furtheron use my Suse10.0 and will buy a newer version with my next computer. The Open/Suse-hackers do a good job, so the 10.0 runs very well. Thank you for your answer.

  23. beta.tester

    Thanks for all your hard work – it is appreciated.



  24. rc1 gm tester

    im not sure what will be fixed until the official 10.3 start, but i have some troubles with 10.3 goldmaster…
    the yast package manegement is faster then in 10.2 but i have lot of dependency trouble, the 1 click install with fluendo doesnt work, language support for german is not 100% ready (some buttons are in english)… nvidia driver for my geforce 7600 doesnt work…

    my opinion is, to much rough edges in this final state

    im a little bit sad about that, this is not the best open suse ever.

  25. betterleecher

    the goldmassa torrents are there (on linuxtracker for example)
    comment found on the diggdotcom

    happy torrenting

    • P.

      these are the same as published above, and so far the tracker is inactive and there are no seeders found via DHT. I think we have to wait until October 4th, sadly…

      • noseederproblemshere

        dht with azureus works fine for me for those torrent files.

        they all have sources. dont know about your setup, but i am downloading and seeding opensuse 10.3 just fine.

        • P.

          I am using the OpenSuse 10.3 rc1 with Deluge as the bittorrent client. Weird… DHT should work just well with it. I’ll give Azureus a shot.

    • Kyle

      I connected to 11 peers. Nothing is downloading. Can someone make a torrent with a tracker?

      • Gavro

        Seeding it via the official tracker (tracker.opensuse.org:6969/announce) with Ktorrent. It looks as if I’m the only seeder (seeding x86_64 dvd + i386 [1 dvd, not CT and MAG –> what are those btw??]).

        • Bharat

          I tried downloading dvds + cds. But I am able to get a decent speed for i386 cd only. And 0kbps for x86_64 dvd and no seeds for i386 dvd. Hopefully by tommorrow morning I should be able to upgrade my i386 computer. It seems x86_64 cd will take another day. But I have to wait for release day to install all the required software.

        • Anonymous

          That torrent has been replaced btw because it did contain those two. Just wait for the official release day and there will be a tracker and seeder.

  26. Eliasse

    Great congratulations to the whole openSuSE developmnt team for the great job done. Towards some users who would like to process to an upgrade, be aware that version 10.3 features a lot of reworks which could lead to incompatibilities between versions.These are mostly solved with a fresh installation.

    Again thank you very much, you guys for your contributions to make openSuSE the linux desktop distro.

  27. Andrew

    Keep the work up, OpenSuSE team! I can never find a single distro which can dare to compete!! or even come close.

  28. Dean

    Seems to me a reward for those of us who had to wait out release delays should be to open up the mirrors early :) Good job guys.

  29. lukasz


  30. James

    I’m really looing forward to openSUSE 10.3. I can’t wait to use try out all of the virtualisation options. Keep up the outstanding work. OpenSUSE is mt favorite distro bar none.


  31. Ben

    Holy cow to those who can’t wait for the release on the 4th, and are scrounging around for the GM.

  32. ~Joban

    This page made me do maths! :(

    Can’t wait: thanks all you guys. Bring it!