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KDE 4 Hack Week, KDE IRC-Meeting, KDE 3.5.8

October 16th, 2007 by

As part of the KDE 4 hack week, which the KDE desktop team and KDE people working for SUSE are doing this week, we will do an informal and spontaneous openSUSE KDE IRC meeting tomorrow at 1600 GMT. Some possible topics are getting collected on the KDE Meetings wiki page, please join us if KDE on openSUSE interests you. — KDE 3.5.8 has been released today and we have unsupported packages available in the Build Service. The release of KDE 4.0 Beta 3, of course accompanied by packages in the KDE:KDE4 build service project, is expected later this week. If you have worked in your field for enough time to recognize the problems within it, then you may be able to fix college admission essay for nursing these problems by entering the sphere of public policy

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8 Responses to “KDE 4 Hack Week, KDE IRC-Meeting, KDE 3.5.8”

  1. Rlf

    Does KDE 3.5.8 fix the kickoff problem, that it takes a very long time to show up the Menue for the first time after reboot?

    On my PC and my Laptop Kickoff on 3.5.7 needs a very long time to show up for the first time, when my USB-HDD is connected.

    The Desktop itself and the hdd are operational when the menue hangs…

    Don’t know how to solve this problem :/


  2. I am new to linux and I need help. When i download softwares or any files, How do I use to open or install the downloaded software.

  3. Anonymous

    i hate installing software by the poor network, the suse should be accompanied with more .iso packages .

  4. Richard

    Anonymous, you’re joking right? You have the option to download the dvd which comes complete with thousands of packages. How can you be accompanied with more packages than that? The dvd has more packages than most distro’s, so please when you make a joke put lol after it so that we all know that you are telling a joke and not knowing the full facts you are commenting on.