Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

22. Dec 2007 | admin | No License

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all openSUSE users and contributors a very merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday! Thank you all for the great work you’ve done this year and the achievements accomplished.


Things sure have been busy this last year, and we have accomplished a lot! Here’s just a clipping what happened this year:

  • We had the incredibly successful launch of our news website,

  • We launched our contributors’ interview series, People of openSUSE, to help you find out about all the people helping to make openSUSE a wonderful experience for users.

  • The release of openSUSE 10.3 was announced; the sum of nearly ten months work.

  • 1-Click-Install was introduced into openSUSE 10.3, resolving a fundamental and long-lasting package management issue: easy installation of software.

  • openSUSE Weekly News was started late in December to give all interested openSUSE users an accessible digest of the things going on in and around the openSUSE community.

  • The Guiding Principles and the first openSUSE board were announced and put into effect.

  • Significant and constant improvements to the openSUSE Build Service, with many milestones reached.

  • The first comprehensive openSUSE contributor survey, by Jan Fredrik, was successfully completed with the results published.

  • A beautiful, accessible and new web design was deployed.

  • Our first ever installable Live CDs were made available.

  • AMD and IP Exchange decided to sponsor the openSUSE project with invaluable resources.

  • The JackLab project made their first public release.

  • Many fruits came to open source and Linux as the result of the SUSE hack week.

  • The openSUSE project attracted many new contributors working in several areas.

  • Web traffic and the number of installations has risen significantly over the last year.

Happy holiday to all of you and happy new year!

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