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Announcing the Official openSUSE Forums

March 11th, 2008 by

In order to provide a better service to the existing openSUSE Community and to our new users, we’re pleased to announce that suseforums.net, suselinuxsupport.de and the openSUSE support forums at forums.novell.com (the three largest English speaking dedicated SUSE forums) are joining forces to merge into the new official openSUSE Forums at forums.opensuse.org.


Behind the scenes, a project team consisting of Novell employees, openSUSE Community members, and existing forums’ staff have been working on this project since the beginning of 2008. The new infrastructure will be hosted by Novell to ensure the highest possible quality of service.
Current plans are to migrate the existing active members of suseforums.net and suselinuxsupport.de into the official openSUSE Forums, simultaneously implementing Single Sign On for the whole openSUSE Community. We hope to make the transition as seamless as possible, and will go live Spring 2008. More information will be posted as available.

All in all, a big gain for the whole openSUSE Community!

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32 Responses to “Announcing the Official openSUSE Forums”

  1. Congratulations! Should we expect multilingual forums?

    • The forums will launch as English-speaking forums, since they are all English-speaking at the moment as separate forums. As demand rises and volunteers step forward to help with other languages, perhaps.

  2. BartOtten

    Seems like great progress in being able to give online support.

  3. John

    Excellent idea!!! Finally users will stop jumping from forum to forum. All in one is a great thing!!! Congratulations for the idea!!! :)

  4. Sounds great!

  5. Czech announcement

  6. heikki

    Great decision!

  7. kde

    sure, but why not also merge with opensuse.us?

  8. 6205

    Very good, necessary step.

  9. Very good! One place to solve our doubts and exchange ideas!

  10. kzarog

    At last! This is definitely a move in the right direction for the community! Congratulations to all the people involved for working towards the centralisation of the community’s activity!

  11. ra100

    and what opensuse.us?didn´t they want to merge?

  12. Gregg

    Will the forum script be free software? I hope it will be phpBB3 and not some proprietary script.

    • Beineri

      I’m not on the project team but afaik they will keep the current vBulletin setup with the NNTP gateway.

  13. Chris Cox

    The new infrastructure will be hosted by Novell to ensure the highest possible quality of service.

    You mean high quality like download.opensuse.org? :)

    Sorry.. not trying to pick on ya’ll, even IBM can’t seem to host large services well.

  14. Spyhawk

    Yeeehaaa !!

    The last big missing piece is here ! Happy opensuse to all !

  15. HVL

    At last we will reveal ourselves to the Ubuntu Forums. At last we will have revenge. – Darth Maul ;>

  16. Ken

    What i don’t like about those forums is the introduction of the collapsed threads, we used to be able to view a full thread and follow the conversation, now the forums require an expansion of or opening the thread, this for me disrupts continuity and is difficult to cross reference a post as i lose where the post may have been, absolutely dreadful, in fact is why i do not use the forums and now only use irc #suse.

    Thank you and i hope you can go back to the proper view of full threads :-)

  17. anon

    I couldn’t stand some of the arrogant moderators on suseforums.net, guess I’ll just keep using other forums, can’t be bothered with dealing with those moderators if they are moderating this site. Would of been nicer if this was a completely independent project of any other forums. Would of also been better to be hosted on opensuse.org rather than on a novell address.

    • Beineri

      > Would of also been better to be hosted on opensuse.org rather than on a novell address.

      I can’t follow you how “forums.opensuse.org” is a novell address… :-)

  18. Keefa

    This is something I’ve been hoping for a long time now! Great work!

  19. Bob I

    Great idea ’bout time!
    Couple of question though:
    1. Since I have 3 passwords which 1 will prevail?
    2. I have posts on all 3 how will the post count & referring back to some of my posts be affected?

  20. sED

    Very good, necessary step.

  21. Sounds like a great idea to combine all 3 support forums!

    Will definitely make finding help and helping others a lot easier.

  22. copperlion

    I was there during the split between suselinuxsupport.de and suseforums.net- I’m assuming things have been worked out and everyone is back to working together. Who is in charge, and how will the future staff issues be resolved? I’m hoping conflict resolution measures are in place to prevent a similar situation happening again, or to prevent the destruction of the new topography for the community.

  23. Robert Smits

    Well, I see the existing forums have been shut down, but the new ones aren’t open yet. Why shut down existing discussions before the new forums are available?

    And where will the nntp feeds be?


  24. vijay_nitk

    iam new to suse………its great…..
    but i have a problem……….
    i have installed suse11.0 on my comp….some have i lost the panel in the bottom i want it to restore to the previous type can u suggest me something……………..