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Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 3

March 19th, 2008 by

After four regular weeks and one hack week after Alpha 2, we are very happy to announce openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 3.

yast-2_thumb.png KDE4 Desktop GNOME

See more screenshots on the Screenshots/openSUSE_11.0_Alpha3 wiki page

Changes since openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 2

The highlight of course is the reworked ZYpp framework, which gives you a much faster package management experience. This release also contains a new and professional installer theme.

A lot of packages were also updated to newer versions:

  • linux kernel 2.6.25-rc5
  • GCC 4.3 final
  • GNOME 2.22 final
  • Compiz 0.7.2
  • KDE 4.0.2/3.5.9
  • Zypper 0.10.2

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There were 1855 checkins since Alpha2 – you can get a more complete list at Factory/News

Most Annoying Bugs

Due to the huge amount of changes, there are also quite a few bugs that slipped in:

  • The kernel OOPSes early in the installation on hardware probe on some hardware (Bug #371997)
    • Workaround: boot with hwprobe=-parallel,-misc.par [including VirtualBox]
  • “Use Automatic Configuration” checkbox is highly experimental, this feature is not yet finished.
    • the root password will be “*****” by default, feel free to change it
  • network startup is racy (Bug #359793)
  • the artwork is not yet complete (e.g. Bug #368624)

Find an up-to-date list under Bugs:Most_Annoying_Bugs_11.0_dev

Media and Download

We created the same media as with Alpha 2. They can all be downloaded at software.openSUSE.org/developer:

  • i386 live CDs for GNOME and KDE
  • x86_64 and i386 one CD for GNOME and KDE
  • DVD for ppc, x86_64 and i386
  • language addon CD
  • non-oss addon CD

The next development release will be openSUSE 11.0 Beta 1 on April 17th (Roadmap).

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

101 Responses to “Announcing openSUSE 11.0 Alpha 3”

  1. KDE

    Im downloading it now :) gonna make some wishlish things on it.

  2. KDE

    oh, and the gnome picture link is broken.

  3. Congrats to all openSUSE developers!
    It seems v11.0 will be great! I just hope software management be improved…
    Can’t wait till 2008/06/19!
    See ya!

  4. This looks great! I have a question. Is there a way to update a Suse 10.3 installation without downloading an ISO, like through YAST? Also, once I’ve updated to an alpha release will Yast be able to update to future releases? Basically, I’m out of blank CD’s…

    • Markus

      Well, you could relpace the openSUSE 10.3 repos with openSUSE Factory repos. I did this a while and became pissed with many bugs introduced by Factory versions. I’m now back to 10.3 with a few additional repos (like KDE 3 Comunity, KDE 4 Stable, KDEPIM4.1on4.0). Works way better. I don’t think I’ll move to 11.0 before RC status.

  5. mukul

    I have alpha 2.0 on my machine, will I be able to upgrade it to alpha 3 without going through the whole installation process?

    • apokryphos

      Yes, use Zypper. I recommend that you _first_ do zypper in zypper, and then do zypper dup.

      • zypper reports that there is nothing to do and that the distribution is up to date already. any other advice on how to get this to work?

        • apokryphos

          Do you have the factory repositories added? Come onto #suse IRC where people can help. See http://opensuse.org/Communicate

        • mukul

          I have added all the repositories, build and main etc., some with success and some without. The updator is still complaining that it is Unable to check whether updates are available. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

        • guest

          I had the same issue, and the Torrent was broken ;-(
          Repositories to Factory must be added.
          I just opened YAST2->Softare-> Software Management->Package Groups ->ZZZ (last entry) , “right click” where you select packages select: All in This list-> Update if newer version available

          It works fine so far I can see

  6. R. J.

    Is there a way to use the 10.3 Nvidia Driver with 11 alpha 3. reasoning is because when ever I install opensuse, be it 10.3 or 11, It does not take up the full screen, only uses part of the screen until I install the nvidia driver.

  7. Tehmul Ghyara

    I do hope the icon spacing can be controlled. The kde4 icons in the screenshot seem really widely spaced.

    • R. J.

      don’t forget KDE 4 is still basically a beta, just released so everyone can port their programs to it. I’m sure by 4.1 a lot of the little niggles people have will be sorted.

  8. JohnJoe

    Is there a way to have icons on the kde4 desktop without all that widget nonsense surrounding them? Also, how can the widget starter in the upper corner be deactivated?

  9. Wow is fantastic! They are lots of improvements on base system and the installer goes very well from initial step to finals. Compliments to the OpenSuSE (KDE) team! :-D


  10. Great Work! Will 11.0 also run fine on the EeePC? I would reallyreallyreally like to run my favo distro on my Eee, but i’m just a small tiny littlebit afraid to blow it.

  11. Bobby

    A big thank you and praise to the openSuse crew. You guys are doing a great job! I am especially impressed by your KDE 4 support and the frequent updates, which are unmatched.

    I downloaded and installed the KDE version of openSuse 11 using a virtual machine. The installer is breathtakingly beautiful, it almost looked like a DE, nice job :). The installation was a breeze (it took only 25 minutes) considering that it was inside a VM and I don’t even have a modern machine (ASRock board with a 1.8 ghz AMD Sempron and 1.5 gig DDR RAM).

    Unfortunately, neither the mouse nor keyboard worked after login. I rebooted and tried again but got the same result so I decided to download the DVD version and give it another try.
    The German version is also mixed with a lot of English.
    For an Alpha though, I have to say that you are making excellent progress!

    The only thing that I am a bit concerned about is the roadmap. OpenSuse 11 is scheduled for release in June whereas KDE 4.1 should be ready in July. Are you guys planning to shift the release date to a month later so 4.1 can be included or are you going to ship it with a KDE 4.1 RC that will be updated a month later?

    • apokryphos

      The release date will most probably not change. The reason is that this will delay the release to too long a period (10-11 months after 10.3), and it is far from guaranteed that KDE 4.1 will not be delayed as well. Which KDE desktop environment to include by default is still under review, but if it is KDE4 it will be one of the latest snapshots, polished up and into shape for 11.0.

      • R. J.

        Since Fedora 9 is releasing in april with 4, I’d hope that opensuse follows suit with releasing with 4. in 11

  12. ToCheetos

    Когда же Русская версия сайта будет так же Функциональна как английская? =)

  13. ToCheetos

    Question: Russian Language in 11 alpha 3 will be mixed with English too?

  14. Atilius

    Hi there,

    I cant agree with all the people about the design of installer (I saw just screenshot). If you look at this so the contrast for some parts is very low. Eg Select mode is dark gray and background in middle dark grey. In the left column not activated lines are in dirty white color and very slim for reading. Do you test this art work also with the people who has any eyes troubles? I can see well and i dont know….

    • Jose Ricardo

      I think the artwork is fine but you’re absolutely right with the select mode thing, the color has to be changed so that it’s readable

  15. 6205

    You folks should really get rid of that schyzofrenia of yours and choose one desktop enviroment. Gnome, KDE3, KDE4…what will be next, XFCE ? Flubox ? I don’t understand where lies the problem. Are you searching your indentity or what ? Instead of focusing and polishing one desktop enviroment, you are trying to support three…

    • apokryphos

      openSUSE has always supported both KDE and GNOME, even if SuSE in the past was primarily a KDE distribution. KDE4 is the _next_ version of KDE 3, and like all major software desktop environment updates — it is not instant. It is a process, so both KDE 3 and KDE 4 will be supported for some time.

      And yes, we are practically one of the only distributions that actually gives _full_ support for both GNOME and KDE, rather than treating one of these as 2nd-class citizens. Both desktop environments get a lot of polish (we have more GNOME and KDE developers than any other distribution).

      Xfce and Fluxbox have been in the repositories for some time, but they’re not the recommended desktop environments to install.

    • Anonymous

      Did you ever consider that different people might want different desktops?? I use KDE and would never switch to Gnome. Personally I don’t need KDE 4 yet and I think it’s a bit early to ship it but other people want it, so what is YOUR problem with that?

    • John

      would you like suse would choose to use a desktop other that the one you love. That the choosed one would be beautiful polished and that the one you like would look like s***???? I wouldn’t!!!!

      I love Suse support for Both KDE and GNOME desktops. I’m a KDE user but Linux is about the possibility of choose, so I really like that the fans of GNOME do have a polished desktop as well!!! (even hating gnome!!!)

      This is one of the things that make suse the great OS it is (not forgetting it is stable, secure, mature… and so on… )!!!

      I even say that if they would choose to create a polished version of XFCE desktop, i would agree whit them!!! would be a nice step! People with slow computers also like beautiful desktops… They’re doing a GREAT JOB. Stop criticizing! (It’s your problem – you are wrong – not them!)

      best wishes


    • Linux = choice

  16. joe

    Does anybody know if these delta’s and when I do a ‘zypper dup’ updates all the packages including those that just have a build revision number update? Some packages have just been recompiled because a dependency has been upgraded but that package itself has not changed at all ie, package-foo-2.34-21.rpm gets updated to package-foo-2.34-23.rpm even though it has not itself changed at all. Could someone advise as to whether this is the case as I only want to download the minimum data to update to 11alpha3.


  17. Thomas S. Pangborn

    Will the KDE 4.x ‘Start’ menu be resizable? It seems as if the current iteration is simply a conglomeration of parts to make this look like the menu in KDE 3.5.x? I love what KDE 4.x is bringing to the table. This piece; however, seems a bit forced at this point.

  18. John

    This are awesome pictures… congratulations for such a well done Job!!!

    I love Suse support for Both KDE and GNOME desktops. I’m a KDE user But Linux is about the possibility of choose, so I really like that the fans of GNOME do have a polished desktop as well!!! (even, that i hate gnome!!!)

    This is one of the things that make suse the great OS it is (not forgetting it is stable, secure, mature… and so on… )!!!

    As to KDE4 i only wished it would support 24bit alpha transparency png images to set as background on the taskbar and widgets… it would be cool to be able to choose something else that BLACK…

    anyway, IMHO better software management, such as an application to add/remove/update/upgrade software (COMPATIBLE WITH THE ONE CLICK INSTALL and regular offline installations) should be a TOP priority… we really need to pass the “Can my grandma use it?” test as soon as possible, so we can reach masses.

    Anything else… well, a pretty job is being done!!!


    • Beineri

      > it would be cool to be able to choose something else that BLACK…

      The KDE team doesn’t like the black default Plasma theme especially so expect that to change when we start to include openSUSE 11.0 branding. And likely we will support color tinted Plasma themes like Aya. :-)

      • John

        Don’t get me wrong – i do like the black theme!!! However I do like to be able to change from time to time… for example to green… do you know if transparency will be supported as well???

        However, if it would support 24bit transparency .png images would bring the regular user the possibility to personalize their plasma has well as they like… would be freedom in KDE4… any chances of this???

        anyway, being able to change to another colors will already be great :D

        Thanks (again) Beineri :D

  19. Imanel

    Downloaded, instaled and now my opinion:

    -Installer: looks nice, but version from alpha2 was G R E A T! I hope that in final version there will be something like a2 installer – nice, round, futuristic. I know that a3 is “more professional” but it looks similar to old Win2k (or maybe xp – can’t remember ;) We need something simple but eyecandy…

    -First run: I was trying three times on my VirtualBox and always it crashed, so created new partition and installed on “real” computer. And even there first run goes in ncurses-mode… But when everything was complete I was happy that it is installed on full-futured machine ;) Now I have 2 systems – openSUSE 10.3 KDE4.devel(4.0.66 in this moment) and openSUSE 11 KDE4 alpha3 (I know – nothing stable ;)

    Booting: WOW! Is it something with my machine or You greatly speed-up boot time from last alpha? And no strange errors:D

    Overal system: after 1 day of using it I can say that it’s preety stable – only one crash and few programs not working(i.e. Konsole sometimes;P ) Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha6 crashed about 3-4 times/hour… I hope that all “/kde3” applications will be upgraded until final release.

    New zypper: when first time I started it my jaw dropped – it’s freaking fast! So I added some repositories… Then some more… And finally all “comunity repositories”(updates repository still not working!) Shutdown(so no cache remain) and started YaST – and my jaw meets neighbors downstairs! People – You are great! Only thing to do is making YaST little “lighter” – on my Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM machine freezes for 2-3 sec when startign, but after that everything work ok…

    Summary: I love openSUSE, I love KDE4 and I love You my dear developers! Marry me ;)

    • Beineri

      > I hope that all “/kde3″ applications will be upgraded until final release.

      If there is a KDE4 version released we will do it but atm it looks like Amarok, Digikam, K3b, Kaffeine, Konversation, … will have to stay KDE3 versions in openSUSE 11.0.

  20. KDE

    so why not just include both KDE3 and KDE4 on DVD? and make the live cd a KDE3 cd with minimal kde4 apps (like 10.3) and then just have a nice repo for KDE4 :P

    • Beineri

      > so why not just include both KDE3 and KDE4 on DVD?

      That has always been the plan…

  21. hope opensuse 11 final release scheduled would be delayed until KDE 4.1 final released :D

  22. Kolyanoid

    Thank you, guys!
    My favorite distro FINALLY works on my UMPC – Raon Everun!

    OS10.3 did not work – the installer crashed shortly after startup. Neither did earlier versions and live-CDs.
    I think it has some problems with support for CPU which is AMD Geode LX900

    This is my entry in OpenSUSE MailingList

    When I tried OS11 Alpha2 IT WORKED!!!
    Now I am really waiting for OS11 final release like none else!
    __HUGE__ THANKS TO YOU!!! :)

    Still there is one problem left. Is it possible to integrate kernel patch below into distribution?
    Unfortunately, without this patch the on-board keyboard, mouse and touchscreen do not work.
    OR you may look at Mandriva 2008. This is the ONLY linux distro, which managed to get these devices working using only out-of-the-box configuration.

    diff -u -r linux-2.6.23/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c linux-2.6/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c
    — linux-2.6.23/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c 2007-10-09 16:31:38.000000000 -0400
    +++ linux-2.6/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-core.c 2007-10-22 15:01:59.000000000 -0400
    @@ -664,6 +664,38 @@

    + * Sending HID_REQ_SET_REPORT changes the operation mode of the
    + * Microchip controller in the Raon Everun to “operational”. Without
    + * this, the keyboard/mouse/touchpad will not send any events
    + */
    +static void hid_fixup_microchip_exphid(struct usb_device *dev, int ifnum)
    + int result;
    + char *buf = kmalloc(1, GFP_KERNEL);
    + warn(“exphid: Entered hid_fixup_microchip_exphid”);
    + if (!buf)
    + return;
    + buf[0] = 0;
    + /* only do this for interface 0, the keyboard */
    + if (ifnum == 0) {
    + warn(“exphid: sending control message 1”);
    + result = usb_control_msg(dev, usb_sndctrlpipe(dev, 0),
    + 0x0200, 0x00, buf, 1, USB_CTRL_GET_TIMEOUT);
    + if (result cur_altsetting;
    @@ -957,6 +989,10 @@

    + if (hid->quirks & HID_QUIRK_MICROCHIP_EXPHID)
    + hid_fixup_microchip_exphid(interface_to_usbdev(intf),
    + intf->cur_altsetting->desc.bInterfaceNumber);

    if (hid->claimed & HID_CLAIMED_INPUT)
    diff -u -r linux-2.6.23/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-quirks.c linux-2.6/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-quirks.c
    — linux-2.6.23/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-quirks.c 2007-10-09 16:31:38.000000000 -0400
    +++ linux-2.6/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-quirks.c 2007-10-22 13:55:43.000000000 -0400
    @@ -280,6 +280,9 @@
    #define USB_DEVICE_ID_MGE_UPS 0xffff
    #define USB_DEVICE_ID_MGE_UPS1 0x0001

    +#define USB_VENDOR_ID_MICROCHIP 0x04d8
    #define USB_VENDOR_ID_MICROSOFT 0x045e
    #define USB_DEVICE_ID_SIDEWINDER_GV 0x003b

    @@ -373,6 +376,7 @@


    diff -u -r linux-2.6.23/include/linux/hid.h linux-2.6/include/linux/hid.h
    — linux-2.6.23/include/linux/hid.h 2007-10-09 16:31:38.000000000 -0400
    +++ linux-2.6/include/linux/hid.h 2007-10-22 14:19:42.000000000 -0400
    @@ -276,6 +276,7 @@
    #define HID_QUIRK_HIDINPUT 0x00200000
    +#define HID_QUIRK_MICROCHIP_EXPHID 0x01000000

    * Separate quirks for runtime report descriptor fixup

    And one question left. Will there be support for Marvell SD8686 SDIO WLAN card?
    It is also present in my device. It would be GREAT if it is supported.

    I am ready to provide any need info about my device.

    I am writing all this as I remember OpenSUSE to be one of the most suitable OS for laptops. UMPC is just like laptop, but with more “weird” hardware configuration.

    • Beineri

      What sense does it make to repost mailing list content here? None.

      • Kolyanoid

        Well, all my questions above are for developers, I understand. Any way all of them are just “yes or no” questions.
        And what is the real difference between my questions (ability to apply patch to kernel and support for SDIO WLAN hardware) and the ones above (nvidia drivers, ability to run on EeePC etc.). “None.” Isn’t it? :)

        As for mailing lists, I will definitely go and ask there, “when the time is right”. Need to dig more info and perform tests before doing that.

  23. is there a vmware- image?

  24. Grósz Dániel

    Many people would like 11.0 to be delayed until KDE 4.1 arrives. What about creating 11.0.1 media in July with KDE 4 updated to 4.1?

    • Beineri

      Will not happen, but you will be able to easily upgrade with 1-click install to unsupported KDE 4.1 packages. openSUSE 11.1 media will contain KDE 4.1.x

      • Imanel

        So is there any info about date of release 11.1? I really want to enjoy only-kde4 version:)

        • Beineri

          There is no confirmed or public date yet, but as a hint SLES11 was now publicely said to by available “until the middle of 2009” so expect openSUSE 11.1 to be out way before that. :-) And for a only kde4-desktop, several applications like Basket, Krita or Konversation seem to be still in need of severals months until a stable release of a KDE4 version.

      • R. J.

        I actually would prefer to not hear from you on this subject, but someone within the opensuse/novell team who has more standing within the community. This is something that needs to be addressed in a news article, and not from you. Because this is an issue which I personally know is driving people away from OpenSUSE

        Personally, with Fedora coming out in April with KDE 4 as the default, I am seriously looking at Fedora right now as being my distro of choice.

        This is a subject that needs to be addressed by someone with more standing in the novell/opensuse community than you.

        • apokryphos

          > I actually would prefer to not hear from you on this subject, but someone within the opensuse/novell team who has more standing within the community

          Beineri is a member of the KDE development team, and one of the most established openSUSE community people, so your remark is not appropriately placed.

          > This is something that needs to be addressed in a news article, and not from you.

          No, this still wouldn’t be the appropriate place for it. If you really want your ideas to be heard or addressed specifically from those developing the product, then the mailing list is a lot better for this. Though your issue has been raised and addressed several times. There are reasons for not delaying the schedule:
          (i) waiting for KDE 4.1 would be releasing two months later at least. This would drive the openSUSE release to over 2 months after the previous one.
          (ii) release date of KDE releases are not exactly made in stone, so they can be delayed too.
          (iii) KDE 4.1 will NOT be _that_ different to what we release, honestly (i.e. it won’t be the perfect desktop — there is way too much work to do).
          (iv) offering an easy 1-click-install to update could hardly be an easier solution. What is your problem with that?

          > Because this is an issue which I personally know is driving people away from OpenSUSE

          I haven’t yet see a single person who suggests that.

          > Personally, with Fedora coming out in April with KDE 4 as the default, I am seriously looking at Fedora right now as being my distro of choice.

          It is unlikely that Fedora can provide a better delivery of KDE as:
          (i) we have countless more KDE developers constantly working on openSUSE’s KDE and packages
          (ii) we have been building regular KDE packages (i.e. several times a week) for months upon end. If anyone is familiar with packaging with KDE 4, solving its bugs, and polishing it up — it’s openSUSE.
          (iii) we will probably have KDE 4.1 available for openSUSE in the most full and proper way (clean 1-click-install, not just people compiling them and throwing packages together) before anyone else does.

        • Beineri

          Dunno what problem you have with my person (or why do you think the answer differ with the person) or why do you think that Fedora delivers a better KDE4 desktop than openSUSE.

        • Grósz Dániel

          openSUSE does have KDE 4 in repositories and will ship KDE 4.0.x in 11.0. I suggested a 11.0.1 with KDE 4.1 in July only for those who want installation media with KDE 4.1 without network upgrade to 4.1 after the installation.

  25. Hey, it looks like planetsuse.org has been hijacked:

    Going to planetsuse.org results in this:

    “The name servers for this domain (planetsuse.org) are incorrectly configured. Please contact your domain name administrator for further assistance.”

    Below are some fake links provided by “kolmic_com” and a bunch of lame stock photos.

    Sorry for an offtopic, but I think it’s rather important.

  26. another

    LOL why still same SLAB on gnome?

    • spirulina

      That’s what I’m thinking, but at least the user has the choice to not use it.

  27. spirulina

    The colors are so out of wack for the KDE version. I hope the theme is improved in the future alpha or beta releases.

  28. Under installation there should be choice not only between gnome, kde and xfce but KDE3 and KDE4 as well

  29. manchette

    1st of all i’d like to send my thanks to all the guys working hard to prepare us a shinny v11 ;=)

    I’ve got a question : would it be possible to have for opensuse updater the information that’d give us the number of updates available ? This is could be a pop up when hovering on the icon for example. This is tiny i know, but it’d save a tedious right click action to check how much updates are available.
    Thanks ;)

  30. jan

    and this is my idea of yast… anyone can tell me if this is possible?

    jan’s idea of yast :)

  31. I brought down the difference version and created a DVD. The installation went ok and looked good. However, at re-boot the system came back up in Textual YAST2 made and I had to finish the Networking portion and the configuration in that mode. Mouse did not work and keyboard just barely. Upon startup I got a screen similar to the one from Alpha 2 but I couldn’t do anything. No mouse at all and keyboard ops were strange. I don’t remember or don’t know all the KB ops from this graphical user interface. Guess this is the incentive to learn more. :-) At any rate, my system is a new HP with a wireless KB and mouse. The receiver is connected in through one of the USB ports. Could be, and looks like, that they did not get setup properly. I noticed an individual had similar problems and possibly his/her correction was to download the full DVD version. Leastwise that was the implication that I received from their comments. I am now bringing down the full DVD version. For the developers my system is an HP 7480 Dual core, 2GB of RAM, 600GB of HD, 2 DVD’s – one writeable, nVidia 7300 with wireless KB and mouse. If there is anything in particular that you would like me to test … just send an e-mail. By the way, I am testing the new SuSE 11.0 via VMware from inside SuSE 10.3.

    • Well, bringing down the full version was a waste of time. I had the same problem. Mouse buttons would not work. Then I re-read the Most-Annoying-Bugs. Low and behold the problem was reported and a correction posted. Seems that you must comment out the mouse in the Server Layout section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Seems easy enough if you can remember the commands. For those who care and/or need the info: Alt-F2 to get a command window, Enter xterm in the dialog, hit enter and viola … you will have an xterm window with which to SU over into root and fix the problem.

  32. mukul

    Issues with alpha 3…

    1. The login screen is ugly gray colored with a huge text box for inputting the username. The bottom left corner of the screen also displays an xconsole window.

    2. After I input the username and press enter, I am, then, displayed a similarly ugly looking screen with a text box for inputting the password.

    3. Once I input the username/password, KDE does its shiny routine… and once that is over, I am logged out. I guess it is the same problem that I had in alpha 2. Problems with display. In the failsafe mode I can login properly, but the screen resolution I get is 800×600.

    • mangz74

      I am having the same exact problem…any news on how to fix this?

      • mukul

        I have tried a few things but I have not been able to make it work with my current monitor. I will give it a shot over the weekend, and if it does not work, I guess, I will wait for the actual release.

      • ra100

        known bugs 372506 and 372793.
        change DISPLAYMANAGER=”gdm” to “kdm” in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager for solving problem with xconsole.

        • mukul

          Thanks for the tip. I did that and the ugly gray login screen has now been replaced with much better looking login screen.

          The problem with the immediate logout after logging in still remains. Looks like suse 11 does not like my monitor: HP D8901A

  33. BartOtten

    What to say? Running it over here and it’s just stable…..minor glitches but allready better then 10.3 I think. Really no problems over here (only KDE4 specific)

  34. Greetings,

    I will really appreciate if OpenSuse 11 could be installed on a USB key natively as they do for Knoppix et al. Anybody been successful?

    We have venues whre we show OpenSuse of course. USB keys are cheap and can run as a demo any place, any time, any where :-)


  35. RJ

    remember people this is an alpaha, which is pre beta, so there will be lots of problems

    My biggest problem is the colour scheme when setting it up. I do have problems with my eyes, and the gray with white text made it almost impossible to read, in fact after I had got it installing, I had to walk away from the computer, the colour scheme had given me a headache.

  36. I don’t have problems w/ the general window colorscheme of KDE 4.
    But if the TaskBar (dunno how this is now called under KDE4) will stay in black with such a contrast to the windows color i must hardly consider to use GNOME instead.
    Just because Microsoft induced the black TaskBar it doesn’t mean it should be just copied whereas the windows have a much nicer design.


    • RJ

      From what i have read opensuse will not have the default kde 4 black look, thank god. I’m hoping the final release of 11 will have a nice feel to it, to me at the moment it looks too much like windows because of kde 4, and it no longer has the unique feel, if it continues to try and look like windows, i’ll be shifting to gnome too.

  37. MMK

    The Opensuse 10.3 doesn`t recognize my usb wireless, RT73usb. And I cant install the module, so, I refused to use 10.3 and went to mandriva. At this time, Opensuse will be recognize my Usb Wireless RT73 ?

    ps. D-Link

  38. KIP

    oh, I’ll be happy if realtek will create utility like in Windows for its audio, because alsa is not very good…

  39. Howard

    I installed 9.0 and 9.2 on my dell SC1420 dual Xenon server. These versions were the store bought variety. No problems at all. Then I tried a live version of openSuse 10.3 and the installed version and I can’t get past the opening screen while it scans the system. I tried all the startups; Safe settings, ACPI, etc. Will I have the same issues with 11.0 Open?



  40. Howard

    OK… I got 11.0 A3 installed. Some questions:

    How do I install the drivers for my RocketRaid 2310 card?
    How do I configure Suse so my windows workstations can read/access the Linux box?
    Must I install Samba?



  41. Are the fonts still ugly in this release? Because in 10.3 the fonts are hideous and I had a look at the guide here


    but it didn’t seem to work because I’m using 64bit.

  42. k776

    I hope they’ll have KDE 4.0.3 in the next Alpha, and better integration with it. In the last Alpha I tried, the icons were all question marks, and weren’t linked right (clicking them would do nothing). It was also incredibly slow, not all system tray icons were showing up, and the multiple desktops stuff wasn’t compatible :(

    That said, nice improvements. Keep up the great work. I’ll probably be replacing Mandriva with openSUSE when its release as final (or at least, make it the prominent OS in a dual boot :D )

    • Beineri

      There will be no next Alpha, but Beta 1 will contain KDE 4.0.3 of course. :-)

  43. Anonymous

    so, can anyone tell me which is better? more easily?more beautiful appearance???
    it comparison…. tqvm…

  44. hope openSUSE will bundle with default KDE 4.I’m bored with KDE 3.5 :D

  45. Nighthack

    Stay in tuch with ati!
    Thay have many problems with suse distro..
    well you know this better then me.
    se ya.

  46. Khan

    Where can I find driver for ATI Radeon HD2400. I searched a lot and could not find it. Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance.

  47. Khan

    Oh I am using OpenSuse 10.3