Novell Client for Linux Public Beta for openSUSE 10.3

30. Jun 2008 | News Team | No License

We’re pleased to announce the public beta of the Novell Client for openSUSE 10.3. Novell released the packages for the Novell Client for Linux 2.0 SP1 public beta today.

A number of openSUSE users have expressed interest in having the client packaged for openSUSE, so our developers have been working on building the client against openSUSE. Please download the package and give it a try on your systems.

Novell is also working on a package for openSUSE 11.0, though we don’t have an official timeline for that package yet. We will also post an announcement when it’s available, and will post announcements for any further betas or the final release of the Novell Client for Linux.

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