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openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 29

July 3rd, 2008 by

Issue #29 of openSUSE Weekly News is now out!

In this week’s issue:

  • openSUSE 11.1 Roadmap
  • Novell Client for Linux Public Beta for openSUSE 10.3
  • People of openSUSE: Jan-Simon Möller
  • John Anderson: Find duplicate files by content not name
  • Lukas Ocilka: Package Search and One Click Install in YaST
  • Miguel de Icaza: Moonlight 0.7 is now Available

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14 Responses to “openSUSE Weekly News, Issue 29”

  1. Andy B.

    I support Linux 100% but I feel that people should make an objective decision for themselves after reading The Truth about Linux.

    • Chris

      Thanks for that link. The last time I had such a laugh was when I discovered Roy’s site.

    • Ilya

      It doesn’t matter if this is a joke, or a fool’s story))

    • ryan

      Yes. Finally! Linux is so good it made a Windows user jealous!

      Spaghetti code and OS modules can be replaced, and that’s the beauty of openSOURCE.

    • ryan

      Actually, that’s a good idea. It’s my belief that openSOURCE (i.e. openSUSE, or Linux in general) could potentially dominate the future. But perhaps the average layman needs an understanding of how such an OS could dwarf Microsoft, by potentially becoming a global effort by companies, governments, goodguys and badguys (like badguys don’t enter your home through windows – stop dreaming) – a global effort instead of by one company. After all, if doctors in programming had it installed on their desktop, they may be scrutinizing the source code. If they found a vulnerability in the kernel and it made global news, do you think kernel developers would sit around scratching their ass and say “damn, too bad.” And hardware and software developers need more control over the OS. I’ll stop with my rambling, but:

      Come on, I could create a site that’s much more critical of Microsoft and closed source OS development than that.

      Ask and you shall receive.

      And thanks for promoting Linux.

    • ryan

      And I’ll be happy to come out and fix your Linux box if you pay me enough.

  2. VintagePC

    Bah. Anyone who beleives that crock of sh*t deserves to shell out several hundred dollars for a crappy OS.
    I imagine it’s meant to be funny, but I fail to see the humour in it. All it does is spread F.U.D. knee-deep.

  3. Andy B.

    I’ve never paid several hundred dollars for Windows. Which by the way is not a crappy OS.

    What I have paid is maybe around $60 dollars.

    I’ve also paid Microsoft a yearly fee of $100 for a technet subscription that allows myself to evaluate all their OS and office products for an unlimited time, with no restrictions, with at least 10 licenses for each product.

  4. BhaKi

    Andy and the owner of the website he mentions are most certainly Microsoft-paid shills. But there is 1% chance that they are just some M$ fanboys.

  5. Andy B.

    Sorry for the delay in replying. My windows machine just crashed. I had no clue on how to repair it. I gave a phone call to Microsoft’s Customer Service and the benevolent Microsoft sent a Technician to solve my problem. He took some time to fix it which is the reason for this delay.

    • VintagePC

      Heh… can’t wait for the first person to come up and say ‘Linux doesn’t crash’ in response to that. :)
      Sorry pal, but you just walked right in to that one.

    • ryan

      The fact that you had no clue on how to repair it tells me that you are not only a non-technical Windows user (no problem with that), but that you aren’t educated enough to educate yourself on software that you may criticize. Never heard of Microsoft coming out to fix anything. I’m very intimate with their processes and you would be lucky to speak with a human in the U.S. over the phone. Perhaps you have a computer under the manufacturer’s warranty with a business contract or live in a foreign country and you’re lying. Or that’s the problem with the Internet. There are stupid kids that are ill informed and don’t bother to educate themselves before making decisions.

      I own these words, but they are for your use.

      Are my readers going to trust me with my words or you.

      Think about this in the context of Linux.

      And Windows users, yes the U.S. government is spying on you. Just kidding.

      But I’ll bet they wish they could.

      You people in foreign countries, on the other hand, I would be shocked and in disbelief if we weren’t spying on you.

      • ryan

        And you’re also not under the jurisdiction of U.S. law, so there’s no reason to worry?