openSUSE-Education 1.0 for 11.0 is Ready

28. Sep 2008 | News Team | No License

The openSUSE-Education Add On for openSUSE 11.0 is ready! Big steps compared to the 10.3 release:

  • Better LTSP integration: now Easy-LTSP helps you to configure your whole LTSP server with one graphical tool and the clients can run local applications like Firefox to save resources on the LTSP server.

  • Many package updates and new applications (the repository contains >1300 packages now!) - please have a look at the current patterns on your local machine to see the big improvement.

  • Direct integration into the community repositories - with “Education” being part of the “YaST2 - Software Repositories” module the online repository is just one click away.

  • Separate online update repository: if you like, just enable the education update repository to get the latest updates of your education applications.

  • Complete new structure for the development of the next openSUSE-Education releases. Please have a look at the mailing list to get a short overview.

You can either download the ISO image from here:


(md5sum: 8b9a756f775c052ac38d47fe7d46361e)

Or add the online repository as installation source:

// (Note: Please re-add it if you’ve added it before - just delete the current repository via YaST and re-add it.)

A delta-iso against RC1 (240MB) is also available. The game is engaging, the clean, vector-style artwork is very impressive, and each mobble offers plenty of color and cute animations

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