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Status Update: openSUSE 11.1 beta 3

October 19th, 2008 by

A quick status update on openSUSE 11.1 beta 3. The DVD installation ISOs were not complete by Friday night, and only the x86 live CDs have built correctly — the x86_64 images are too large to fit on CD-R media. Building the distro was not finished until end of business (EOB) Nuremberg time.

The team will try another test build Monday morning and see what the state of the build is. If those work well, we should be able to push out a release Tuesday. Otherwise beta 4 will be delayed further and we will provide further updates.

We’re sorry for the delays, but we are more interested in pushing out a usable beta 3 release than rushing something out the door that isn’t suitable for widespread testing. The core strategy of the microsoft dynamics crm 2013 mb2-701 certification exam revolves around the concept of bringing buy essay reply the denouement to the it students

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50 Responses to “Status Update: openSUSE 11.1 beta 3”

  1. Ask

    Good to hear! I am happy to wait for a usable beta. See you on Bugzilla

    • Merlox

      Well, I wish I could agree with you.. I used to use betas, until one destroyed one of my Intel Xeon processors.. luckily I had two since I have a dual processor board, so I didn’t have to get around to buying a new one anytime soon.

      • Dean Hilkewich

        You’ve got to be kidding, a distro destroying your processor is impossible.

      • Foghorn Leghorn

        You know, once Micro$oft Windows destroyed my cup holder.. , then it created a vortex in the flux capacitor and destroyed my monitor…

        All in jest ofcourse.

        Merlox, There is no way a software package can ‘destroyed one of my Xeon Processors’. It is impossible. If you have a Xeon that died, it had nothing to do with your choice of Linux distro’s. Another thing to look at, I use dual and quad Xeon boards. I know that to allow them to work, both processors must be working properly, or you have a dummy in place. either way there is no way to get from two fully functioning procs of any sort to a fried proc just because of a Linux Distro.

        Maybe you should consider picking up a PC self help book that talks solely on hardware, so that you can have a better understanding of how they operate.

        • Scott

          Your comments re destroying any Processors is quite probable and not a very long stretch of the imaging at all – Indeed it is easy to do up until 11.1 I am told. The Installation Process from DVD is the most CPU and resource intense long drawn out acid test for your PC. Up until now there may be NO CPU Frequency dampeners and so if an overheat gets detected we have to rely in the Motherboard shutting down the PC at Critical Temp.
          If you ever note many a misread from DVD not meeting its CRC copy check value, chances are you CPU is overtemp and making errors.
          My Bug at
          This may explain a lot of things and you may want to review you install log for any string contained in the bug report
          Cheers and wait for a very cool day!!!!

      • scriptjunkie

        Actually, my friends, if a beta screwed up the microcode, you could very well destroy a processor. It would be weird for that to destroy only one of two processors, but could happen. Not all changes are on the hard drive people! Misconfiguring the BIOS could also leave a non-BIOS expert like myself without a processor. Finally, screwing up fans and clock speeds could also fry a single processor. Hackers and governments have found lots of ways to physically or semipermanently destroy computer parts via software.

        • chris

          just as linus put it.

          the intel bug, was really a software and a hardware bug combined. While it might be possible, it’s quite unlikely to see something like it. Especially for CPUs.

        • sultan

          Yeah, I doubt it is possible. The OS can’t modify the BIOS settings directly. And only one processor getting fried? Sounds unlikely. And the computer working with a fried processor in it while the BIOS is set up for 2 processors? All of it sounds improbable. (* I made some assumptions about what the guy did so I may be wrong)

  2. c d stravers

    Waiting for opensuse 11.1 beta 3

  3. baker

    Thank you!
    take your time no problem, I guess we all can wait, if that is going to guaranty a usable release, I had so many problems with 11.0 that I had to install other distro sorry :(

    Suse Linux was my first distro I started with 7.3 and I would love to be able to use it again!

    Thank you for all your hard work, and thank you for opening more to the community I really appreciate that

    • South_African_Librarian

      I also used v11.0 with KDE4, but downgraded KDE4 to KDE3.5 and is very happy with it so far.

      It’s good to hear the SuSE team’s not trying to rush things out, but want to deliver something that will work.

      • Xtigyro

        Also using openSuSE 11.0 with KDE 3.5 (FAR MORE stable than with 4.0). The best choice, when talking about Linux Distros ! Thank you “for the delay” ! I’m sure it’s gonna be worthy.

    • Patrick

      I know what you mean. I have been a loyal SUSE advocate and user until the release of 11.0, which totally disappointed me. I hope 11.1 fixes all the issues and makes it as good as 10.3 was.

      • manchette

        That’d be interesting to know what yu think lacks in 11 , thanks ;)

        • chris

          well, I suppose the biggest downside was the unfinished state of KDE4, which will change in 11.1 or 11.2. Especially irritating for the user might have been the mix of KDE3 and 4 applications, such as NetworkManager. However, that’s not really a fair thing to say, because KDE4 was optional, so for most users it was a good idea to stick to KDE3 for the time being.

          the openSuse guys are doing an incredible job in getting KDE4 ready for the end user, so let’s cut them some slack, shall we?

        • manchette

          Well, those linking suse 11 and kde4 are mixing up everything of course, v11 is certainly one of the best progress made in suse in between versions , look at package management for example. Kde 3.5 is perfectly stable and Gnome too, to mention only the most know gui branches, so Suse 11 just rocks!
          And if some do not think so because they had pbs in kde4… just compare it with others with kde4 to have a more fair view ;)

  4. Ptero-4

    How is the status on the delta iso’s? Are they going through the same issues as the regular ones?

  5. [quote] We’re sorry for the delays, but we are more interested in pushing out a usable beta 3 release than rushing something out the door that isn’t suitable for widespread testing. [/quote]

    That’s the Right Choice(TM)! We can wait and in the meanwhile prepare our insect killer for bugs squashing. ;-)

  6. Great. The openSUSE team is working for 25 hours!
    Thanks to give time and energy to 11.1 Beta 3

  7. Don’t worry about delays! You are working to the maximum – users, we are just waiting for free benefits. We appreciate you.

    Patrick, openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.1 is very good indeed! You have an uncompatible hardware for Linux I guess.

    • damada

      Patrick, openSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.1 is very good indeed! You have an uncompatible hardware for Linux I guess.

      I really like openSUSE 11.0. But I would never go so far as to mention that together with KDE 4.x. Even as a test field KDE 4.1.2 is only usable if
      * you don’t use networking (Samba support is a joke, bugs #437004 #414339)
      * you don’t use printing (printing support is a joke plus printing bugs in Qt4.4 bug #429506)
      * you are not afraid to setup plasma manually in the config file for dual head (not reported yet…)
      * you don’t use the Save As dialog too often (else you will go up the walls sooner or later due to bug #427318)
      * you don’t need groupware (e-mail encryption not working, IMAP groupware, bug #427359 #398286)

      At best, some KDE4.1 functions work almost as good as they did in KDE3.5.9. I can’t see no improvement from a users perspective, only a vast construction site filled with bug holes and missing-feature swamps…

      • manchette

        Well, we all know this, but is this different than previous versions at the same stage of development ?
        You can only compare equal stages ;)

        • damada

          Well, certainly it is under heavy development. Or, let’s say, it is supposed to be so. Because the above bugs are relevant for the desktop experience and there is nothing going on about them for months now. In some cases, the responsible devs don’t even treat them as bugs and insist that the buggy behavior is what users would expect (file picker).

          And even when I try to be *very* generous about the post-release re-labeling of KDE4.0 as a developer release (this was not a communication problem, this was ridicolous) I would have never assumed that 4.1 was released in the state that it is: Essential desktop things don’t work yet, see above. And what makes me especially weary: the bashing you get when you mention this to anyone on #kde. The release of KDE 4.1 with the promise it would be a replacement for 3.5.9 is a marketing desaster.

        • manchette

          Well, i agree with some parts of what you said.
          Even though i’m sure kde team as worked a lot for kde4 to be a reference (including people making it possible for suse) this is for sure still buggy and not mature enough , but the fact is it is mentionned clearly when you have the choice between kde 3 and kde4 in the suse install process. Choice is offered, so the best option has been taken : choice for the end user.
          I’m using kde 4.1.2 everyday but never had really BIG issues, only annoying ones , for example :
          – i never used dolphin on a daily basis for it is too slow to open, i tried to use it at 1st, i was just jumping to the roof as you mentioned above… it’s definitely too slow to react, this is Really bad (BUT konqueror for kde 3.5 solves this problem temporarily).
          – Some menus problems and screensavers problems : See what i wrote here, http://forum.kde.org/showthread.php?tid=837.
          that’s enough for me not to advice my newcomers in Linux friends to use kde 4.x .

          The only questions are :
          – Is the state of Kde4 really that different from Kde3 at the same developement stage ?
          – If so, Why did the Kde team took the risk to damage their image relaesing something immature ?
          But anyway, that’s the GUI’s realm and nothing to do with the OS (as far as the OS offers the choice, which is the case as i mentionned above)

        • damada

          I totally agree with what you say. It is just not fair to say 11.0 is a bad release because it offered a snapshot of KDE4.0. Also, that the user still has the choice in 11.1 between 3.5.10 and 4.1.x and Gnome whatever is outstanding.

          I would have prefered, though, that KDE 3.5.10 would have been among the primary desktop choices since I can absolutely not see any slightest minor teeny tiny chance that 4.1.x will mature in the remaining 1.5 months to the extent that it will be a replacement for the KDE3.x.y series. This is mistake, imho, and especially newcomers won’t make the difference but say “openSUSE 11.0 is shit” or, at best, “KDE is shit”. Both is wrong, and both harms the respective community, so it hurts that this is going to be provoked by mere marketing reasons.

          But then, I am confident enough that with openSUSE 11.2 KDE 4 will have matured enough to easily forget the olde times :)

  8. Axeia

    Hope the oversized files of Grub are finally fixed since that bug persisted trough beta 1 to beta 2 (and it was reported).

    If things like that pushed the date a bit back I don’t mind waiting a little bit longer at all.

  9. Take your time guys!!!

    better late and good the early and a piece of s*** ;)

  10. damada

    Thank you very much for this decision! Imho any beta should be usable and installable, else it would only have earned the status of an alpha. It has happened too often in openSUSE history that a beta still had serious flaws which kept a wider audience from testing.

    This practice should definitely go on in the future! *thumbs up*

  11. ataris

    Thank you!!
    Take a day…take a week….take a month….take a year!!!
    but please make something usable NOT like opensuse 11
    thank you so much!!!

    • manchette

      Can you please explain your opinion ?

    • suseuser

      I really don’t know why you guys keep yelling that opensuse11 is not usable. The only part that doesn’t function on my machine is Compiz (who needs that eyecandy anyway?) and I believe that AMD/ATI is responsible for that problem. Or perhaps it is PEBKAC, who knows.

      Opensuse11 is an excellent distro.

  12. Zonei

    I guess folks that say OpenSuSE 11 is not usable (and by that they should specify 11.0, or if they’re using a beta) are really referring to the KDE 4.x. Because other than KDE 4.x instabilities, I honestly cannot understand what they are talking about. I used 11.0 with KDE 3.5.9 from the day it came out until Beta 2 came out and it was _very_ usable for me. Even Beta 2 KDE4.1, with all its bugs, is (to some extent) usable to me, I’m using it every day on my production laptop.

    So, 11.0 != KDE. You can choose your DE, or work without it (as I have on some servers).

  13. Thomas

    What the official verdict for Beta 3 :-) now after 55 hours!! And will PPC B3 be there as well??

  14. When is the Suse 11.1 Beta3 avaible?

  15. Ben

    You can update your B2 or 11.0 with factory repo if you’re willing to risk it :)

    B3 is up there now.

  16. ataris

    @ Zonei

    Yes its very usable if you are going to use just a few applications or just use the default ones that came with the DVD, yes it is “usable”
    the way the installer deals with dependencies is HORRIBLE I wish they switch to SYNAPTIC or make it work the same way.
    Thank you, and these is not the place to talk about it, if you want deeper explanations see you at the forum

    • Zonei

      Perhaps a forum discussion is a better place for this. Then again, people complaining about 11(.0) being unusable, without giving an explanation as to why it is unusable to them, seems to me like empty trashing of a perfectly fine distro, in which case they really should provide explanation for their complaints. Or better yet, they should not post a comment about Beta at all if it is solely to complain about usability of non-beta, 11.0. A bug report or a forum post is more suitable for that, agreed.

      • R. J.

        I have long thought that people who come in and trash 11 do so because they are using another distro and just like to go around trashing distro’s.

        I’ve been running 11 since it was in beta, been running it with kde4, and never have any big problems, it is very stable, and now, am on openSUSE 11.1 beta 3 (found the miniiso and installed it last night) running it with KDE 4.2 (4.1.7) and am loving it, again, no major problems

        You will note people who come in and slam 11 give no details, because mostly they have never used it and couldn’t never answer any question asking for specifics.

  17. ataris

    @ R. J

    Good for you!! So I guess you are not updating to the next release.
    some people use more than a word processor :-)
    maybe you can start thinking about the rest.

    • R. J.

      I’m already on the next release as I said, I am running opensuse 11.1 beta 3 at the moment, with KDE 4.1.70 (kde 4.2), and I don’t use a word processor, actually I cannot stand OpenOffice or KOffice, but I use linux for far more than a word preocessor as you like to think.

  18. Miles Bradford

    Thanks so much for pulling back on 11.0.3 and instead choosing to go for the Rock Solid SuSE we all know and love.
    I’ll wait for 11.0.9 if I have to – just to get something that stands out and takes the lead from all the other flavors and M$ whatever and one that might even find a cure for cancer in the process – you never know. Nevertheless – stable, reliable and electronically sound…that’s my SuSE. Thanks guys for all the long hours and hard work. Kudos

  19. BeSt

    I’m new to openSuse, and I would like to test openSuse 11.1 beta3 (beta2 doesn’t boot on my computer, freezes when “mounting CD drive..”). You guys spoke about “running 11.1 b3”: where can I find it ?
    Thank you for your(s) answer(s).

  20. susanofindia

    I am also new to Open Suze…and from reading your comments, I’d be considered an extreme novice (not quite illiterate…) I’m running a Suze 11.0 with a KDE4 from a disk download and have been having a few problems configuring the sound card/redognition. Is it possible to take off KDE 4 and load up something more stable? Any suggestions? I’m so happy to have this program. Thanks.

  21. Jurman

    I’m new to Linux and chose an OpenSUSE 11.0 for my personal laptop. First I installed it with KDE4 option and it was freezing and crashing all the time. Then I reinstalled it with KDE3.5 and it’s better now – however NOT satisfactory. Since I’m new to GNU/Linux OS I don’t use very much of the software and tools that come with the OS, yust OpenOffice suite (2.4, I belive) and some other apps. You can imagine my frustration when the computer freezes randomly and yust too often. Is it a software or a hardware problem (Asus X58C laptop, designed for Windows :D )?? Couse when it’s not “frozen”, it works fine!

    Thanks for any kind of suggestions (probably I should have gone to FAQ first :D)

    • JR

      You have not given much informaton regarding the nature of the freeze. Does the mouse also freeze up or simply the app you are in? Once you are not using compiz you can easily close a frozen app in KDE by pressing CTRL + ALT + ESC the mouse curser will change to the skull of death. Click anywhere in the frozen app window and you are ready to go. NB DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR DESKTOP or you will have to hard reboot because it will also greet you with a black screen. You may also wish to make sure that your system settings are correct eg screen resolution etc. You may also wish to try GNOME. Although I am a KDE fan I find that GNOME works well for newbies. I have set up GNOMME on a few laptops of similar spec with no problems.

      The good thing about GNOME is that you can force a quit even when running compiz in the event of an app freeze unlike KDE.I wish KDE fixes this or maybe someone could tell me how to to do it in KDE. The openSUSE made it clear that KDE 4.0 that ships with 11.0 was not fully ready. I took that to mean that I should only use it as a preview understanding that it was crippled. Not a SUSE fault. I encourage you to re-install using GNOME as your choice. When you are selecting your software select the KDE 3.5 base and desktop options. This way you can play with both desktops. Try upgrading to open office 3.0.there are some improvements and it loads much faster than the earlier version. Be sure to load on all of your repositories eg Mozilla, Openoffice, VideoLAN, (cannot remember which display card you have, but if you have an ATI or geforce add the relevant repository), the OSS and NON -OSS should be already on.

      Go here http://opensuse-community.org/1-click-collection to get your multimedia codecs for GNOME

  22. Old Stranger

    Dear Developers!

    Thank you for your efforts. Your work deserves the highest respect.
    I cannot say that I participated (did not have capacity to contribute), I was present at some Linux development seminars organized at the IBM Building at Manhattan and it was something that inspired me. I tried (mainly played, like with some toys) many of the different distributions. It was (and still is) FUN!
    Sometime 5-6 years ago I managed to download and to install I think Mandriva it was and during installation I checked off all the boxes (servers including!!!!) on my Dell 400 MHz laptop.
    I was surprised when our IT chief popped up in my office couple of hours later and informed that we’re in a neck dip “situation” – the network got mad and he cannot find the reason. I quietly unplugged the network cable from my laptop, produced to the colleague a bottle of cold bear and tried to calm down him. The network slowly returned to normal state, but since then I have highest respect for Linux and NEVER touch the network and network related setting without IT staff.
    SuSE returned to my Official desktop (not supported by the organization, but quietly assisted by some of the IT brat) at 10.0 level in double boot configuration on a single 80GB HDD – not much, you may say, but at this level we met the critical virus attack that rendered all our Windows computers unusable for quite a while. SuSE saved me big time then. It lacked video playback (I’m not too much in making it tuned. At least I wasn’t at the time), but MP3 playback from external HDD worked, access to the mail server rocked and read-only access to all My Document folder was more than enough to continue working. Another Chief of IT came to disturb me to “back up” my docs from infected computer. He was surprised to learn that the work is going on and as a cherry on a pie I even managed to show him location of the virus-infested files, including those located to at the “superhidden” directory. IT Chief was pleased to know that our back up mail server was powered by some of the Linux version. The guy who was responsible for it, did what he knew best to work for it and installed Linux. Since then I’m always in Linux company. At home I run SuSE 10.2. One of my son has 10.3, another 11.0 (KDE 3). For friends I install Ubuntu (GUCCI as they say of the distributions).
    What I like in SuSE – ability to address the problem at several levels (terminal – I’ll try to avoid it, simple graphic interface when you have to start YAST with simple graphics, and finally normal or full graphics mode). At home I have SuSE 10.2 and see no point of upgrade – all I need works there! Why the hell to kill a day for movement of all the stuff to a new installation? See no point now.
    Expect at some point of Linux development to see the distribution that can be comfortably loaded over the previous installation. Can it be achieved by reformatting only specific mounts/partitions.
    Also expect to be able to install SuSE 11.1 to my new Asus EeePC 1000H. I hope the set of drivers can be included in the official release.
    Respect open and constructive atmosphere of the OpenSuSE developers. Best of Luck and Inspiration to ALL of you!

    • Old Stranger

      Dear Developers!

      I guess I missed the point in my previous post. For me it doesn’t matter how it looks like (in respect of comparison different versions of KDE). I mean – SuSE is not “GUCCI” of operational systems it’s Mercedes! I’d rather suggest my own version of their brand Stability und Stability (feel free to add whatever you like for E!) It DOES all the jobs it has to do! (At least for me).

      And what is important – you do not need to be a rocket scientist to make it work!

      Have FUN!