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Banshee 1.4 Released

November 14th, 2008 by

Aaron Bockover has announced that the 1.4 release of Banshee is now available. The new release includes support for Android G1, better device support, a new track editor, the ability to rescan libraries for new or deleted tracks — plus 196 bugs fixed since Banshee 1.2.1.

See the Banshee download page for the one-click installer for openSUSE 11.1 and 10.3, as well as packages for other platforms. But the creators of mobbles have added a neat little dynamic that involves smartphone gps location technology

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26 Responses to “Banshee 1.4 Released”

  1. MrViklund

    I guess that’s good news. But I’m not that overly impressed with Banshee.
    It’s not that’s impossible to make a better player. It’s just that no one has done it yet.

  2. jjjah

    Well OK, Banshee seems to be pretty impressive.

    But – and I’m not trying to troll here – if Banshee is the best music player, what the hell is Amarok then ?

  3. Hint

    Amarok = KDE, Danshee = Gnome

    • Chris

      You probabaly mean Banshee not Danshee Hint?

      I also like to point out that the iPhone which absolutly everybody has i know IS NOT SUPORTED BY ANY LINUX PROGRAM IN KDE, GNOME OR WHEREEVER! GET THIS FIXED, this seems to me much more important, then random releases like this one.

      • Adriaaaaan

        Why so aggressive? Its not their fault that ipod touch/phone doesn’t work. Apple have spent considerable time and money making sure people are locked into their proprietary software platform. I hate it as much as you but don’t shout at the open source community, shout at companies like Apple for treating their customers this way!

      • Oliver

        No … everybody don’t own this stupid apple box.

        And I would appreciate to be considered as any other human on earth !

        “Some people” have this product, not everyone !

        If you want to have some support for this, just ask Apple, or be very patient. I don’t think you were forced by anybody to buy this

        • Danial_T.

          The iPhone is by far the most popular phone right now, that’s a fact(over 70% here). ..and it’s not supported by any program but why does amarok support old iPod’s? Apple does not lock their phone. Everybody can access it. Just do it and create an app which supports the iPhone, i totally agree,

        • R. J.

          Apple does lock their phones, you would of noticed all the press the past year this has got with a couple of countries only allowing them to be sold under the provision that they were completely unlocked, however most countries, including America still have locked iphones.

          Seems also someone on news.opensuse is deleting posts

        • Humer68

          Apple does lock their phones but everybody can access it through an unlock tool and everybody does this and knows how it works. So get this done KDE crew, create the new big awesome iPhone app

        • Oliver

          Perhaps 99,99% of the human beings own this… but this is not 100%, so this is NOT everybody.

          You can say “a majority”, “many”, “most of” … but not “every”, “all” etc.

          I never consider everyone think like me… why should I accept this from others ? I don’t tell you not to buy an ipod, don’t tell me to buy one, that’s just what I ask.

          Everybody does NOT have an ipod point.

      • Chris

        LMAO – first you buy that pos while it is widely known that Apple does its best to control it (just read about their “great” app store and related stories) and now you blame some random open source developers that they don’t come up with something.

        IMHO you absolutely get what you deserve – you literally begged Apple to screw you. Now live with it and enjoy the great iCrap style :P

        Just consider it a lesson and think before you buy such a crap next time.

        IMO developing something for that iPhone is just a waste of time and does more harm than good since it would improve it instead of supporting free solutions and draw resources from other projects.

  4. Good job, Banshee Team!

  5. Well I thank open source to make me laugh at these boys here, and no charge :-))
    Now the matter of discusion: IPhone ore IPode I haven’t as well and I don’t know what heaven it is. Well, I read the first time about it now. Thank you for relief by one on this world. And even after explanation (thank you) I will not buy it – if it is buyable.

  6. BooSTBRoTHeR

    Oh, I’m on a suse-page… I never do this since I was a linux newbie 4 or 5 years ago. That damn (good) Liferea takes me there, LOL So, what I would like to point out… I agree with the “not own an ipod” fraction, though I know what it is ;-). BANSHEE is open source – that means using a hard/software is usually not always that easy as pay for it and use it everyday (the counter-example to this are the Micro$oft products) So if you want to profit from an OSS, you also have to make an effort – at least to configure it for your own needs. If something in an OSS is not working yet, you are welcome to help implement it. So for me, if Banshee is working under Gnome that great, that Amarok works under KDE, I will enjoy and use it …

  7. fine partly

    But is there really any REAL benefit of having two (or more) opensource projects doing software for same purpose?
    Think about of having just one (or at least fever than now) opensource project making really good mediaplayer – it might be even better and get new things a lot quicker, and thus being opensource project for everyone interested to implement it better.
    So is this opensource world actually sometimes – or even often – really wasting resouces too?
    Same thing with the distros, doing pretty much same things but many times. Compared the situation of having just one open distro, and it to be more modular of the outlook and components and software in it. I bet it might be better. Now resources and financial support behind this all are greatly wasted. After all, linux and opensource isn’t free to do either, it just is given free, but there are payers behind it. Commercial companies pay this all with the profits of their commercial products (when you buy Intels hardware and Intel finances linux and opensourde development, you actually pay for it too … ; )

    • roughL

      You don’t get the point of free software. It has nothing to do with money, “you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer.” (The Free Software Definition – http://www.gnu.org) You are free to run, share, change and redistribute it, not that you get the software for no money.

  8. R. J.

    Although I do not use Gnome, and Amarok is my choice of music player being on KDE, I just want to thank those who are responsible for this release. Thank you for the time you have put into it.

    To most of the other posts, thanks for the laughs, your comments gave me a good laugh. Want to use iphone and ipod on your linux, then talk to apple or design the programs, or pay someone to do so. I do not have an iphone or an ipod, because Icare about not using technology that is so screwed up the company locks people out of using it completely, and forces you to use their format of music on their device.

  9. David Brubeck

    I am new to Linux and I slowly but surely begining to understand all this.
    In french, we do not have the problem with the double meaning of the world “free”:
    In english, free = do what I want = nothing to pay
    In french, nothing to pay = gratuit, do what I want = libre.
    For ex., Linux is considered as a part of “le monde du libre” (the world of “free speach” software).
    It is easier for us to not confuse, especialy in our first approaches. It is may be the case in other languages.
    I am writing to you in openSUSE live CD, discovering it for the first time (after Kubuntu). Wahoo ! Great job.

  10. JAM

    I think the new version of Banshee is great, I can really see this app becoming a great media player. It’s a shame most people are complaining about the lack of support for their particular piece of locked out hardware, rather than address any of the great new features in this release.

    Although if there was one thing I would pick at, it’s that cover art is not applied to my albums which have artist/album names in a Japanese kanji script. Even after placing cover/folder .jpgs in the directories I get nothing. That aside, well done guys! I look forward to the next release with great anticipation – fingers crossed for BBC podcast integration, I hear that’s really in right now ;) (probably because it’s totally awesome).

  11. Richie

    No comments to all these holywars. :) I am not a PHONE))

    My choice is Quodlibet anyway. It combination with smthng like SoundJuicer and SoundConverter, I have a full music-management environment written in GTK.
    Using GNOME, of course.
    A very nice KDE4 is still KDE, so Amarok is still… :(

    About Banshee: I don’t even understand what’s the profit of using it as the main music-player for GNOME :) Bugs all the way for many years. It has been always unusable and if it is’t now, I hardly would believe that it can suite my needs.

  12. Cameron

    It makes no difference and it is not important If Someone says Amarock is better than Banshee Or Vice-versa. What IS important is, Users who did not develop Those apps can have access to them to use and enjoy, FOR FREE. I myself totally dig the fact that I cant write a line of code, BUT have a great PC running Open SUSE 11 and it can do EVERYTHING I need, and where I struggle its because of what I DONT KNOW and nothing to do with the S/w I choose to run.

    Anyway: If a person buys a device and it wont work with their Software they have a few choices:
    1. Buy something else
    2. Ask your money back from the company that sold you the rubbish
    3. Develop your own solution
    4. Take a class like Anger management or better still Pay someone to teach you how to write code.

    First rule of Open Source: No Whining. (IMHO)

  13. The Stranger

    I guess when you guys discuss the word ‘Freedom’ its your definition. When you tell someone don’t buy Apple products because they lock you into their software and we won’t update own code, how is that about freedom? I own an iPod and I keep M$ in a VM to manage it. I choose to use openSuSE for the 99% of the other work I need to do. I have had other MP3 players in the past, they all sucked compared to the iPod. Its simple, they built the better mousetrap. I do wish they would embrace the open source community, but it is the very freedom everyone screams about that allows them not too.

  14. Jimmy C

    “I do wish they would embrace the open source community, but it is the very freedom everyone screams about that allows them not too.” Agreed

    I enjoy sipping my FREE BEER with some proprietary additives. Not everyone is a programmer and could care less if their “free speech” software comes with the source code. Most people couldn’t change the software if they wanted to. Sorry Richard Stallman keep drinking the flavor aid. Linux would be leaps and bounds better if it got off its high horse and started allowing its self ship with proprietary software. More companies would actually be willing to contribute to this wonderful operating system.

  15. Handsome 1

    Well done to Banshee foe making it compatible with Android G1. This is the statement Banshee want, not quibbling about iphone. I have an iphone but I was given it and I jailbroke it,yes I would love it to be compatible with linux but its not and I believe that programmers should not waste their time on Apple but make Linux even better (if possible). G1 is a step in the right direction as it’s more open. Well done Banshee!!