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Development Release: openSUSE 11.1 RC 1 Now Available

November 27th, 2008 by

The openSUSE Project is happy to announce that openSUSE 11.1 RC 1 is now available. If all goes well, this will be the last testing release before the final 11.1 public release on December 18th.

This release includes a number of bugfixes and changes since 11.1 beta 5, as well as a new license.

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Call for Testing

We all want openSUSE 11.1 to be the best release yet, and we need your help to get there. This release is ready for widespread testing, and we’re encouraging everyone to download and work with the testing releases to find any critical bugs before release. Please run the release through your usual routine, and let us know about any bugs or other issues that you find.

Remember that this is a release candidate, and is not suitable for use on production systems, however. Though many openSUSE users can and do use the Factory distribution and/or testing releases for day-to-day work we want to stress that it’s entirely possible that you will encounter serious bugs.

See openSUSE.org/Testing for more information on Testing.

To follow the testing and development process, we suggest that you subscribe to the openSUSE-Factory mailing list, and join the #openSUSE-Factory channel on Freenode to discuss openSUSE development.

What’s changed since beta 5?

Major changes in this release include:

* A new, shorter distro license
* Linux kernel
* glibc 2.9
* Additional translations
* Amarok 2.0 RC 1
* Zypper 1.0.1

See the Factory News page for changes in the Factory distribution between release announcements. DistroWatch also carries an expanded list of packages being shipped in the Factory distribution.

Media and Download

11.1 RC 1 can be found at http://software.opensuse.org/developer. See http://en.opensuse.org/Mirror_Selection for a full list of mirrors. Note that you don’t need to choose a mirror yourself, but you can use the mirror list if you want or need to select a mirror manually.

Most Annoying Bugs

While many bugs have been eliminated since the last beta, we still have a few remaining (and new) bugs that testers should be aware of:

Bug 448270: the license has no translations yet
Bug 449711: no OpenOffice for ppc
Bug 449422: Amarok2 on KDE4 does not stop
Bug 449513: Novell vpn doesn’t work at novell-ipsec-tools 0.7.1.

Future Release Announcements

Note to openSUSE contributors: If you have any changes or features to call out for future release announcements, please send an email to Zonker with any information that should be in that announcement. (Preferably at least two days before the scheduled release. Zunchst einmal plagiate stellen einen versto gegen https://bachelorschreibenlassen.com/akademische-arbeit/ das urheberrecht dar und werden daher sanktioniert

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106 Responses to “Development Release: openSUSE 11.1 RC 1 Now Available”

  1. Joe

    Well Well, I think we have a winner. OpenSuSE 11.1 is on it’s way, and I for one think this is by far the most stable one yet. I’ve tested all five beta versions and the RC-1,(Gnome live only) and bit by bit they have gotten better and better. I never had a lock up or any other bug that I would not have expected at the time of development. What more can I say. Everything I tried to do, worked! I will as always keep my currant version 11.0 installed for a bit even after the new release. You have no idea the trouble that version put me through… I have found in the past that if I wait just a few weeks, the upgrade goes even smoother. My recommendation? If you are new to Linux, this is the one! If you already use openSuSE or want to try it out, again I say, this is the one! There you go, their new slogan. “This IS The One”. Well that’s it for now. As always, happy Linixing!

  2. Dich

    Anyone succeeded to run accelerated graphics (e.g. fglrx driver) with RC1 ?
    I tried to download the official ATI file, which doesn’t produce the necessary driver :(

    • Nicholas Hester

      I have put bugs in for the fglrx driver before but was told to complain to AMD/ATI about it because it is their repo and packages. Even if it does break X11 from time to time without any desktop composition.

      I think I stand to agree that 10.3 was much better as far as stability. 11.0 has not been ok as long as you never update packages or try KDE 4.1 which is more stable than 4.0 when shipped.

      11.1 I have heard nothing but bad things out of the betas. It appears to me the patches are more of a just a patch me up thing until KDE or whoever fixes their trunk. Even then their patches break SUSE when the trunk refreshes as with Kwin with corruption/crashes. I hate to say it but I am really worried about SuSE. I’ve used it since 9.1 and it’s come a long way. I love the new zypper backend. I love the new KDE. Network manager however is completely garbage as of late. Can’t connect to non-broadcasting wireless. Has issues with DHCP requests, especially if upgrading going from dhcpcd to dhclient. They conflict if both installed and dhclient is required for the new network manager. X11 hasn’t been stable with ATI drivers. KDE has issues with X11 as well as far as transparency of the system tray.

      I really don’t feel confident in trying anything. I don’t have the programing skills to write patches or debug. And finding workarounds for 4 hours to get a graphical interface working again is not what I call acceptable by any means. I know people are working hard on these issues. But it seems like with it being open development there are a lot more factors that have made SuSE fall behind compared to previous releases.

  3. sofie


    I had to use a Ubuntu install-CD to get een dualboot on my laptop. The openSUSE DVD couldn’t handle the MS Vista partitions. Ubuntu 7.10 could.


  4. sofie


    Openoffice can’t handle samba shares. It reports that it is not the right URL.


  5. Xtigyro

    Lots of bugs…

  6. Twileik

    Why openSUSE 11.1 have so ugly graphics? The installer is so bud ugly and that GNOME wallpaper… :/ I don’t understand, why changing it while 11.0 was so pretty…

  7. Ico

    To Twileik: 10.3 was even prettier than 11.0 (in my opinion)

  8. Xtigyro

    I absolutely agree with Ico !
    However, I don’t mind some bigger change in the visiualization style.

  9. I can’t wait till the final version is released. I have been with SuSE since 9.1

  10. ronquillo(-=aguila=-)

    In my opinion too, 10.3 is much than 11.0. When i configured its networking i got so many troubled, maybe because i want to try 3 different IP address ,in 11.0, because in my work area they uses different router and ofcourse they uses differentt IP address,

    IP subnet default gateway

    here’s the what’s and how:

    Server1===1st lancard====configured to router1
    2nd lancard===configured to router2
    3rd lancard===configured to router3

    We all now or I just didnt know, I do make opensuse 10.3 several times but i cant use multiple lancard;
    In 11.0 i can use multiple lancard but its very messy to configured, or just because this is my first tym i try 11.0
    but when i restarted my computer everything has gone(configured lancard back to auto detect IP)

    So who ever pls help me to configured it in a profer way, maybe because i am a newbie or just a user of opensuse thats why i always make a mistake configuring opensuse especially 11.0…..

    I do prefer to use a new one, but if n other choice I wil return to 10.3(even It always disable other lan and accept only one connection)

    thanks, I wish someone will response……………..

  11. Graham Powell

    Unfortunately I find one huge fault with it – it refuses to connect to the internet no matter whether it is in it’s live disk form, or whether it is fully installed. The moment I use Suse 10.3 or 11.0 as a live disk everything is fine (as they both were fully installed), but each time that I revert to Suse 11.1 RC1, no internet once more.

    All I can think is that it may be the the drivers for the NTLHome Broadband modem -model No.08004EU – I can’t find any hint of it’s actual manufacturer, though this does seem unlikely. Consequently I’m puzzled, need to use the internet now, so I guess it’s back to Suse 11.0 until the the final release on the 18th of this month. Though I intend to try one more install first in case I’m missing something. This has been written using Suse 11.0 live disk.

  12. Gnom

    I use openSUSE 11 with a WIFI card that has ralink RT61 chip and SUSE has a driver for it but only for channels from 1 to 11 (I use 12), while there are from 1 to 13, so I think that version 11.1 should have all channel driver or option to choose a driver for your country…

    • Dich

      If I’m not mistaken the driver had an utility or modprobe option to choose the country specific frequencies. Please look into the documentation

  13. prkix

    If I download and install 11.1-RC1, will I be able to get t0 11.1 with just a Yast online update? or will I have to reinstall 11.1 all over again?

  14. taril

    11.1 isn’t a mistake?

  15. effzee

    Any chance Amarok 2.0 final can be shoehorned into the 11.1 release?


  16. Velocity

    Hey bud, Can you get together with your team. Have a conference on final release date. I know you put so much hard work into releases, I also know that over the last few years since SuSe switched to OpenSuse, things have grown at a much rapid rate, with much more demanding data into the releases, The amount of software into the new releases is 10 fold of what it was before. I understand the pressure and strains. However as I know you aware that now though, it seems so much more at crunch time things get to out of control sometimes, to get everything just perfect. I understand alot of packages are still in beta, or just released, or outdated, and some just plain buggy. I understand you take seriously every bug that is a show stopper, and do your best at making things right, before you release. But I can tell you from experience, i have been a silent member of the linux community, ever since linus moved from Helsinki in 1994, and created the kernel, and launched where we are today. I have seen the best linux distros come and go, some stayed, and SuSe is one of the them. I have used SuSe since it’s creation. So i can tell you from experience, that as much as you want to stay on date for releases, sometimes, it may be better to just hold off a bit, Make a huge announcement, that the release date has to be postponed just a bit so that ALL bugs (Well the most that possibly can) will be sorted before release. I know some people will get a little upset, and some may even go to another Distro until this release, But i feel for the most part, If you show the people why it is you are holding off on the release showing everyone the bugs that are still present, and just want to clear as many as possible, that most (majority) will understand the reasoning for the hold on the release. In fact i think it will challenge people to even try harder to come up with solutions, and also people will test harder to find as much as they can, with much more urgency and determination to fix, because they as much as You and I want this release. SO they will try much harder to get it worked out . Please understand my explanation, and I hope you consult the team for an emergency meeting, to get those bugs fixed first. you and I both know, You are a perfectionist that tries so hard to make things right. PLease see this as one of those things in your life, that must be as perfect as you want it to be, and take your time just sorting out the last of the bugs. (As many as possible). Andreas YOu are good people, and I know we have A understanding unlike alot of people, about the importance of how open source is the way life should be. Shared and cared for all to use . The happy Gnu way.
    Your bud,

  17. Shuaib

    What version of KDE in 11.1???

  18. macav

    Is there any way how to get bluetooth mouse working in 11.1 rc1 (gnome)? when I do it with bluetooth wizard, it finds my mouse, then it says “connecting to (null)” and then “connected successfully”, but it’s not working. it looks like the mouse isn’t even paired with the laptop. thx for reply

  19. Lotlorien

    Could anyone please comment on the following issues:

    (1) Compiz

    (a) 2D Performance with NVIDIA

    Compiz used to run fine in 10.3 and 11.0. However, only when I used XGL. Why? As I understand it, Compiz needs some layer or API. This is provided either by XGL or by the hardware of the graphics card. So for newer graphics cards one does not need XGL. However, not using XGL has the disadvantege for me that I have extremely bad (not usable) 2D performance with my NVIDIA card. I heard this is a NVIDIA driver issue. If I use XGL, I think all graphics operations (also 2D) use the 3D engine, therefore with XGL I have good 2D and 3D performance.

    Now in 11.1 there is no XGL anymore. Does that mean that I can’t solve he NVIDIA 2D performance issue on openSuSE 11.1? Anyone with experience?

    (b) 100% sure to crash it all

    Does this bug: http://forum.compiz-fusion.org/showthread.php?t=9942 still exist in 11.1?

    (2) VirtualBox

    Does USB work in VirtualBox-2.0.4 on OpenSuSE-11.1?

    (3) Multimedia

    Do all the multimedia codecs (mp3, ogg, DVD, etc.) work on 11.1?

    (4) Encryption

    Has any improvevemt taken place in complete system hard disk encryption since 11.0?

    (5) Packages

    Are there still missing/unresovled, you name it, package dependencies?

    Thanks for any comments.

  20. Jim Johnson

    I’m writing a little late… seeing as how the full 11.1 release is due to be published tonight. Anyway, I find it amazing how there so many complaining about “bugs” and yet there are also numerous idolizing the release.
    For me, I am very happy with what has been published so far. My only complaint is this: The only repo’s/mirrors from which I could get software and updates for 11.1 (RC1) were listed as “Factory release”. Until a few days ago, there were no problems obtaining appropriate software. Then, all of the sudden, I started getting notices about changes/updates to openSUSE 11.2 and KDE 4.2 – not 11.1/4.1.3. I haven’t (as of yet) had any problems, but I’m wondering why this has happened and, when I download the full 11.1 release, how am I going to maintain such? as opposed to a factory release – which is desirable.
    Not really looking for an answer – I could always reinstall :( in a worst case scenario.
    Thanks for all the hard work and a job well done – in turn: resulting in an awesome product – “buggy” or not. :)

  21. Jim Johnson

    Oops… sorry: I meant to state that the “stable” 11.1 release, as opposed to a “Factory” release, is desirable.
    Thanks again;

  22. Andreas Holtmann

    Using SuSE since version 5.2, I must admit it’s becoming pretty by the time. For me as a software developer, it is vital that you do not change the kernel too often without a real urgent need for it, since I have to re-install NVidia graphics driver, VMWare, and Antivir/Dazuko, as well as other self-composed software. It would also be on the wish list to install the _latest_ Java standard release (JDK and JRE) in a standard directory, say /usr/java/ , so all java related installations could rely on that.

    Also, it would be nice to find out one or two multimedia players which work in real life. XMMS and VideoLAN are a good combination, but you’re fooling around with different multimedia applications too much. Better try to standardize it, I mean, focus on the best working solution.

    Best regards,
    Andreas Holtmann, Berlin, Germany

  23. Hi
    I dld opensuse with kde and it works great, i love the kword beta it is best iteration yet…but have to have oo to translate stuff for microsith, however, cannot get amarok sound…. get a no codec error to play shoutcast streams.. i’ve tried everything libxine you name it. is this just something that will go away in the future or am i missing something, I’ve spent three years with a debian ubuntu distro so….anway…love the whole thing, just need music. By the by…. the sound hardware has been found, the opening and closing sounds play fine.
    thanks for the great work