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Pre-order openSUSE 11.1

December 9th, 2008 by

openSUSE 11.1 is gold, and available for pre-order! The release date is still the 18th of December, just in time to have some fun over the holidays …

So what do you get for your money?

11.1 Box
  • dual layer DVD9, with 32 and 64bit version(not available for download)
  • NON-OSS add-on CD with programs like flash, acrobat reader, mp3 support etc.
  • Printed manual
  • 90 days of installation support
  • All this in a nice and shiny grey Box. Still not impressed? Ok, this time we have a special gift for you. If you buy the box you will get an openSUSE branded LED flashlight for free! (limited to the first run of boxes) Now hurry, head over to our shops!

    BTW: For our German users: if you pre-order from the German shop, shipping is free …

    UPDATE:I just heard that only the German Box have the flashlights. There are to many problems to send them to other countries because of taxes/customs, batteries are mostly a no-go and other annoying stuff. Sorry.

    Voraussetzung ist, dass das kind selbst bedrftig ist, also die lebenshaltungskosten www.schreib-essay.com/seminararbeit/ nicht anderweitig gedeckt sind

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    36 Responses to “Pre-order openSUSE 11.1”

    1. As usually, the box is simply beautiful :) .

    2. Chris

      I agree, the box is very stylish for the first time, good job on that one!

    3. Way to go marketing team! ;-)

    4. jrdls

      Nice to see there an add on cd with non open source software. Awesome!

    5. They still have that random guy on the cover. What’s up with that?

    6. Marky

      No 64 bit version available for download?

      Did I read this right when all the other distros and SUSE until now offers it?

      • Beineri

        “not available for download” refers to dual-layer media

        • Marky

          >>“not available for download” refers to dual-layer media

          Then it’s a bad use of English. As with ‘pre-order’, someone should examine this text before posting to ensure it’s clear and the proper use of grammar.

          That said….bring on the release date. Let’s hope the twin screen problems with my i915 and SUSE 11 have been fixed.


    7. petermcp

      What the h*ll does pre-order mean? You either order something or you don’t!

    8. Ray Woods

      You mean pre-release order. We could then have post release orders. Would they (the pre-release orders) be received by the customers on Publishing day, or after?

      By the way, at what time will the iso images be posted to the web? (Be it UT or GMT.)

      • mlasars

        no, we mean pre-order, like wikipedia said. And if wikipedia says so, it’s right. The internet is always right! :-)

        Since we had some problems with the Goldmaster, i’m not sure when customers will get the Box. Usually, at least in Germany they receive it 1-2 days before the release. Time of “official” release: good question, the last times it was around 12:00 or 14:00 GMT iirc.

    9. Andy Prough

      Nice to see Suse still shipping a boxed version! The first time I was able to install Linux and keep it running and get on the internet was from a 6.x box, and I have tried to buy about 1 boxed set per year since then. I was afraid that with the switch to OpenSuse that the boxed version would go away. Now, get those green lizard boxes back on the shelves at my local computer stores again, and I will really be impressed.

      Andy Prough

    10. Carlos

      In place of flashlights, could we have stickers?
      I really miss the stickers of old…

    11. Dario

      Why so expensive (60€) ? SLED 10 costs 47€.

      • Beineri

        What do you get for those 47€? I think nothing physical (media/manual, only activation code) and only updates for one year and one device.

    12. dh

      Yeah branded flashlights are fine, but something I can’t get at any hardware store would be nicer.

      Geeko plushies for example, or those fancy plastic “gel” case badges (I seem to remember getting one w/ SuSE7.2).

      Those are the things that get my motor revin :-)

    13. Fox

      Is the PPC version no longer available as a boxed edition? I know it once was because I bought version 6.5. I’m using 11.0 on my PowerBook and I like it enough to buy 11.1 should it be available.

      • mlasars

        7.3 was afaik the last PPC box. Even at that time there where not that much PPC users, it guess there are much less now. On the other hand we offer it now for download, so it might not be true :-)

        • Larry

          There are quite a few PPC users. However, my particular problem is that while i have finally aquired a DVD for my Powerbook, it won’t read burned DVDs, so a DVD media set for PPC would be a nice way for me to financially contribute to my favorite distro.

    14. Outlaw

      I am not to worried about the language of pre-order or pre-release order. What is killing me is I have to wait for it to get to me. I set to lock and load and run 11.1 asap and having to wait is like a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas…lol

    15. secopfis

      I have tried to order many time. But when i choose country to Thailand, I can not choose shipping method. It’s only show select one and not have any choice.

    16. Fox

      No idea how many PPC users of openSUSE there are, but there is a new [url=http://www.PPClinux.info] PPC Linux[/url] site and openSUSE has its own forum on it. I’m involved and there are two of us waiting for 11.1 to try it on our PPC Macs.

    17. j.engelh

      >All this in a nice and shiny grey Box.

      Er, gray is not that great a color. Say silver and it makes a difference. Then again, I would have designed the box so that the bands from 11.0’s kdm screen are mapped onto the box instead.

    18. I hope to find it here in Rome…! The box is very beautifull! :-P

    19. Hayath

      Ho, so many people waiting to try new release, I am too desperate to try it, for that I brought neew 64 bit computer, and today I got Internet connection also. I am desperate friends, I want to try it out,

    20. weeble

      Why, why, why can I only preorder GERMAN language versions from the German store? I live in Germany but I don’t speak/read German… I want the English version, but it’s never available here. Grrrrr….

    21. Stas

      “The box is so beautiful blah bla…” You are going to pay for the box? I think no.
      Very poor “set” for that money.
      Look at Mandriva powerpack 2k9 Box. (Im talking about non openSRC software.) at russian ASP linux deluxe box.

      opensuse is my favorite Linux system, but the box is realy sux this year.

    22. Len

      Just got this email today from Novell:

      “Thank you for ordering on Novell. The date when the product that you Pre-Ordered will be released has been changed.
      The product listed below will now be available on January 5, 2009

      Order ID: 8068857700
      Product ID: 110175300
      Product Name: openSUSE 11.1 ”

      Anybody know what happened? Deluged with orders and ran out? Putting newer software on the NON-OSS add-on CD? Breakdown of the DVD/CD duplication equipment? New software on iso that takes over computer and isp then deletes all connected windows OS’s and replaces them with opensuse judged illegal by German court and must be removed? :-) No biggie I guess, but this is very last minute and a little more info would be nice.

    23. SLK

      It says here 14.00 CET but u know, we have daylight savings.
      It will be 15.00 its out