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A Good Sign …

December 16th, 2008 by


We have it! :-)

The see facts here now world certainly seems to be getting smaller all the time

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22 Responses to “A Good Sign …”

  1. Heinz Kemner

    third attempt, Asked to count theee and four: equals seven, right? ten and two? twelve, right? not so according to message, spam protection failed I counted wrongly.
    As I am not to repeat my message referring to 11.1 here as ordinary guy out under the sky (referring to the traditional Appalachian carol) again for the third time I restrict myself to the question for all the technical lads and lassies: are the kde helpbooks now available without going into the details of http://de.opensuse.org/SDB.Selbsthilfe_zur_ Selbsthilfe#Anliegen?
    Yours faithfully
    Heinz Kemner

  2. Scott,

    Any chance of your putting up a torrent for that dvd iso?
    or set me up a mount point to it with sshfs? (PLEASE)

    Kindest regards,

    Dietrich T. Schmitz
    Linux IT Consultant

    • Chris

      Just do a bit of beta testing and you´ll get it for free ;P

      • The other Chris

        ? I tested the betas since 3 or 4 releases and nobody ever send me a dvd? What do youmean i get it for free..
        ..openSUSE can’t record who is using the betas anyway;-)..
        ..so i’m always testing it.

        • Axeia

          They can register who’s posting in the beta section of the forums and who’s reporting bugs on the bug tracker though.

          Thanks for reporting the bug, here have a free DVD seems like a nice reward for taking the time to submit a bug I guess.

      • Beineri

        You forgot the most active bug reporting part :-)…

  3. Ivan

    Nice looking disk! Can’t wait to have it… (as iso) ;)

  4. Martyn Hare

    @ Chris:


    A little extra motivation to file bug reports even if things only take a minute to fix from the user end hehe >.>

    • The other Chris

      I did like 20 bugs for each release in the past but only half of them get responds, don’t know why but not all bugs are of interessted it seems and some of them get never fixed.

  5. Kevin Walker

    Does this mean that those of us that pre-ordered the box set might actually have it in our hands by the 18th, or are they still putting them in the mail on the 18th?

  6. Chris

    This is what we want to see, yeah!

    WOOOOOOOOOW it’s a dvd!

  7. Xtigyro

    Very stylish cover.

    However, I hope you’ve already fixed the many bugs in RC1 and that the internal releases – RC2 and RC3 – are more stable and bugfree.


  8. bob

    yeah! nvidia rox!
    am i doing it right?

  9. Yeah! Just received the package and upgrading the desktop from the latest RC to GM.

  10. Anonymous

    I do not Know what or who to believe, this web page or the email that I received informing me that the release date has been postponed till January 5th

    • Beineri

      Both can be correct, normally the German box edition is the fastest one to ship, especially to Germany. ;-)

  11. Ahmed

    No, not yet, it has been postponed till January 05,2009

  12. sweet!!

  13. scouser73

    I am looking forward to the release, I am using Ubuntu at the moment which is a great O/S but I’d like to try another distribution.

  14. R.S. Tse

    I tried SuSE 11.1 and decided to revert to SuSE 11.0.

    Then I discovered a very important facility lacking even in version 11.0: a data DVD cannot be read! That is not easily. /etc/fstab does not list the DVD drive, there is no(I cannot find it) hal-mtab. I cannot “su” and mount a data DVD; the problem is what to mount. It seems that KDE imposes too much of its AI and decides that any DVD is only to be played by a media software and does not allow either Konqueror or Dolphin to read it.

    Fortunately I had SuSE 11.0 and 10.3 on two partitions and /home in a third partition. I am regularly using 10.3 in which everything I need works.


    R.S. Tse